August 20, 2014

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Spencerville closer to razing dilapidated homes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 12:05 AM


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SPENCERVILLE — Spencerville Village Council discussed the legal steps to be taken to expedite razing two homes which are dilapidated and whose owners have not given consent for demolition at Monday’s meeting.

As reported from the Sept. 3 council meeting, a discussion with Dennis Feltner of WSOS — a nonprofit Community Action Agency — regarding the Moving Ohio Forward Demolition grant program took place on Aug. 27. Feltner suggested contacting Amy Odum with the City of Lima to see if an extension could be granted. At that time, the signatures from two property owners had not been obtained for consent for demo and the deadline was Aug. 31. Odum and Feltner both suggested the homes be condemned through the health department, eliminating the village working with the banks.

Village Administrator Sean Chapman said Odum may be able to get the extension and approach the issue as a legal matter rather than working with the owners for consent on demolition of the properties.

“It’s not preferred but an option,” Chapman explained.

“Didn’t one owner sign the consent but needed it notarized?” Mayor J.P. Johnson asked Chapman.

Attorney Alan Smith volunteered to notarize the consent.

“I will call the owner of the property and get that done,” Chapman said.

As for the water treatment plant, Johnson and Chapman outlined all the steps taken by the village and the Ohio EPA is supportive of the plan, which is to work with Richard Kirk of Kirk Bros. and move forward. In June, sub-contractor H2O Innovations terminated their contract with Kirk Bros. for the water tanks. Since that time, Kirk Bros, CT Consultants and the village have been working together for a remedy to get the water treatment plant built.

“Kirk Brothers has responded to Farmers Mutual on the plan of how it [water treatment facility] is going to get done,” Smith said.

Chapman addressed a recent water main break where 66,000 gallons of water costing over $900 was billed to a resident. He asked council to consider an adjustment to the referenced account down to $75 for water. He said the resident usually only pays $60.

Council member John Miller asked what the procedure was the last time the village dealt with a similar problem.

“The leak was 61,000 gallons and I asked for the same adjustment,” Chapman replied. “If we could just look at it subjectively.”

Council President Nancy Taylor moved to allow the adjustment and council member Michael Bice seconded the motion.

Chapman announced that members from Activate Allen County will be in Spencerville Council Chambers from 10 a.m. to noon on Oct. 10 to discuss the framework for the Allen County Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force. Ideally, the program would benefit local economies by boosting the real estate market, supporting local economic development and creating more consumer spending.

It would also help youth stay active by presenting communities that allow youth to safely walk or bicycle to school and in their neighborhoods. There are many other benefits for all communities.

“They want to come into each community and lay out a framework, get input and identify leaders of the community that will be engaged with the project,” Chapman explained. “They would like 10-15 people to attend the meeting and walk the community for placement of walking and biking trails.”

Johnson announced that he has designated himself as the treasurer for the Income Tax ballot.

“Nancy and Darin, if you are still willing, we need literature and signs but we have to fund them,” Johnson said. “We will take donations.”

In new business, Johnson mentioned the free electronic waste collection at NCO (North Central Ohio) which will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 5 at 815 Shawnee Road in Lima.

Johnson also said that he would be attending Mayor’s Court training on Oct. 11 to keep his certification current. In addition, he would be out of town for medical business during the next village council meeting.

At the Sept. 3 council meeting, Resolution #13-28, Accepting the Amounts and Rates as Determined by the Budget Commission and Authorizing the Necessary Tax Levies and Certifying them to the County Auditor, Bice moved to place #13-28 on its first reading and Taylor seconded the motion. Roll was called; motion passed unanimously. Resolution #13-28, which is a time-sensitive matter, was passed unanimously on its second reading.

Village Clerk/Treasurer Dawn Bailey gave an update on the audit, which has been ongoing since March.

“They have completed an audit draft, which all of you will receive,” Bailey detailed. “It still needs approval and had procedural items changed.”

In the Police Report, Chief Darin Cook said that during the Fall Festival, officers fingerprinted over 60 children and had positive comments from parents.

“We had no problems with the beer tent,” Cook said. “One big class reunion moved over to Delphos after the tent closed around 11 p.m.”

He added that all the cruisers are running well. The department’s new computer has been up and running since last Friday.

Cook said there has been a rash of burglaries on the northwest side and not in the village itself. Spencerville officers have been working with Van Wert and Allen County law enforcement.

In the Finance Committee Report, Johnson reiterated the changes in health insurance coverage.

Taylor and the balance of the Utilities Committee set up a meeting to discuss the new E-Pay software — which will allow residents to pay online — to be held at 6 p.m. on Sept. 24.

In the Safety/Streets Report, Miller reported that the Emergency Disaster Plan is not ready for approval and that he and Chapman need to finish the plan. Another issue that has been brought to his attention is the use of golf carts on roadways. In addition, Johnson added discussion has come up with regards to non-posted speed limits within the village’s corporation limits.

Council moved to end its regular session and enter into executive session to discuss possible litigation.


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