September 1, 2014

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VW United Way donates $5,000 to West Ohio Food Bank PDF Print E-mail
Friday, September 13, 2013 12:19 AM

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VAN WERT — The West Ohio Food Bank (WOFB) is pleased to announce that a donation of $5,000 has been made by the United Way of Van Wert County to the Freezer Fund at WOFB. This donation along with donations from the United Way of Shelby County and a major grant from the Governor’s office along with other donations by concerned individuals, churches, business and organizations brings the second phase of this important $120,000 capital project nearer completion. As it stands now, the WOFB needs to raise about $23,000 to complete this project. The freezer project has become a great beneficiary of the commitment of the United Way’s of this area with the United Way of Hancock County, through its Halt Hunger Initiative fund, committed to the project as well.

WOFB CEO Gary Bright said that he is hopeful that others will “step up to the plate and help us complete this important project.”

Bright added that “upon completion of this project the food bank will enter a campaign to add sustaining partners who have a vision of ending hunger together in West Central Ohio as donors, volunteers, advocates, or engaging in this vision with us in other ways.”

The industrial freezer and refrigeration units are a key component in the operation of the food bank as they allow for the storage of 11 semi truck loads of frozen products and an additional five truck loads of refrigerated products. Capacity of that amount of frozen and refrigerated product allows the food bank to safely serve the needs of the approximate 175 programs, agencies, shelters, kitchens and pantries in the 11 counties served by the West Ohio Food Bank.

“There was a time early in our history when we had to turn away millions of pounds of donated food due to a lack of freezer and cooler space and this urgently needed improvement will ensure that we will not have to be in that position again.”

Key projects in the future for the food bank will include the replacement of one of the refrigerated box trucks, as well as the addition of another refrigerated box truck. Additionally, several upgrades to the building will increase the efficiency of the overall operation of the facility.

WOFB is proud of the efficiency of the overall operation that directs 91 cents out of every donated dollar to providing food to those in need. The important fact is that for every donated dollar, WOFB can distribute eight meals through our partner agencies.


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