August 23, 2014

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Wolfe praises community engagement at Delphos City School Board of Education meeting PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, September 10, 2013 12:00 AM


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DELPHOS — Delphos City Schools Superintendent Kevin Wolfe had nothing but praise for the residents who attended the town hall forum for a discussion on Race to the Top last week during the school board meeting Monday.

“There were a lot of good questions and feedback,” Wolfe said. “Our administrative team was up front with answers.”

A plan is in the works to hold another public meeting in January or February with hopes of drawing a larger attendance.

Wolfe gave his report on Race to the Top and said in June, teachers came in to meet with April Ely and run through Student Learning Objectives (SLO) and pre-assessments.

“Our staff really buys into it,” Wolfe was complimentary. “Mr. Edinger has done an outstanding job and is our permanent Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) expert. The OTES is a lot of work. Westrick has also done an outstanding job.”

Wolfe said the Race to the Top team will meet in a few weeks.

The district has just begun year four of the program, which is the last year.

Treasurer Brad Rostorfer said that the first year the district spent $4,000, the second $21,000, the third $60,000 and this final year, there is $15-16,000 remaining.

Board President Perry Wiltsie asked if the process — continued educational improvements through Race to the Top — will continue beyond the fourth and final year.

“It will continue,” Wolfe affirmed.

“We have developed resident experts who will lead us through the constant changes,” Rostofer asserted.

In the Finance Report, Rostorfer said he looked at the monthly reports which brought on discussion of planning for permanent repairs for structural and cosmetic issues with some school buildings in the district. He said there were also some personnel issues in the cafeteria which needed attention. In addition, representative of the Chamber of Commerce Clint Gable has asked to lease a chunk of land at the high school for a “Welcome to Delphos” sign and has asked for direction in the matter.

“Gable would like to attain them [plots of land] two at a time,” Rostorfer said.

Rostorfer led the Treasurer’s Report and recommended the approval of the consent agenda, minutes of last month’s regular meeting and finance Committee meeting, approval of August’s invoices and fund balance statement, Budget adjustments for appropriations, fund transfers and purchase orders adjustments over $3,000.

In addition, Rostorfer sought approval of substitute teachers — Marie Gerding, Roger Gossman, Joyce Larimore, Julie McKanna, Carol McKinney, Mike Miller, Phillip Sanfilippo, Kelli Sane and David Wollenhaupt; substitute cooks and cashiers — Kelly Kemper, Judy Eckholt, Suzette Sanders, Teresa Sensibaugh and Lisa Hoersten; substitute bus aides — Kristi Hageman and Teresa Sensibaugh; and substitute secretary — Rhonda Blockberger.

Board members recommended and approved the hiring of Zach Stemen as a three-hour Landeck custodian and Kevin Klaus as a five-hour high school cleaning custodian.

The board also approved Non-Public Auxiliary Services (NPAS) salaries for St. John’s clerk, Vicki Pohlman, and teachers, Ann Byrne, Amie Buettner and Pam Hummel.

Additionally, the board accepted the resignations of two employees, Franklin’s cashier, Sue Truesdale, and Boys Track Coach Larry Lindeman.

Volunteer coaches for fall sports were recommended and approved and included: varsity football coaches — Chris Sommers, Rusty Thompson and Scott Boggs; junior high football — Brent Binkley, Greg Gossman and Joel Brown; and girls soccer — Jason Klint.

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