September 2, 2014

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Prep for Canal Days draws younger volunteers PDF Print E-mail
Monday, September 09, 2013 12:00 AM


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DELPHOS — Saturday morning, a crew of volunteers of all ages trudged through the muck and up and down the canal banks to clean up trash, weed-eat, trim and pull overgrown weeds and in general, restore the iconic waterway from Third to Sixth streets to a beautiful, serene habitat.

Canal Commission President Lou Hohman said typically, a representative from the Ohio Division of Parks and Recreation, local groups and several individuals are on hand to help during cleanups.

This past Saturday was a bit different with a group of younger volunteers lending a hand. The Raiders — a Delphos Midget Football team — along with their coach, Jeremie Buzard, thought it would be an opportunity to give back to the community.

Hohman said all the volunteers were good workers.

“Kaylee Buzard has been out here working hard all morning long,” Hohman said.

Canal Commission Secretary Teresa Bradstock was very pleased with the turnout of volunteers.

“I’m delighted to see all these young people taking an interest in the canal by helping us clean up for the Canal Days celebration,” Bradstock beamed a huge smile.

Hohman got started working on the Canal Cleanups in 1990 with cutting grass and vegetation along the west bank behind St. John’s Annex. While working on canal cleanups, Hohman has seen many interesting items pulled from the canal including bicycles, bed springs, a bowling ball and firewood.

“We have found purses with identification in them before they were ever reported missing,” Hohman said. “Probably from people breaking into cars, taking what they want out of them and throwing them into the canal.”

Hohman was a counselor with the Columbian Squires Youth group who had permission from the State of Ohio to remove the remains of the historic Marguerite canal boat found behind the post office.

“It was like going back in time and seeing history revealed when we recovered the boat,” Hohman said.

Hohman’s favorite historical topic on the canal is how the locks were built on the Black Swamp land.

“My favorite is Lock 24, which remains intact today,” Hohman explained.

Since taking on the lead role during canal clean-ups, Hohman has been able to count on Canal Commission Trustees: Steve Dorsten, Dave Burnett, Bradstock, Linda Baker and Ed Ulrich; Delphos City employees: Jim (Gig) Kimmett, Tom Jettinghoff (of Keep Allen County Beautiful) and Jim Fortener; ODNR employee Dan Wilson; and a slew of Delphos residents to help organize, provide drinks, snacks and trash bags and work in the trenches cleaning up the canal.

Hohman and the Canal Commission would like to thank all the volunteers for their time and energy during Saturday’s clean-up, including Russell Pohlman, Kyle Pohlman, Dan Rostorfer, Willie Herron, Andrea Will, Jordan Brown, Bev Jettinghoff, and Molly Ryba; members of the Raiders Midget Football Team, Ian Wannemacher, Coach Jeremie Buzard, Kaylee Buzard, Justin Wieging, Ben Mohler, Robbie Buescher, Gunnar Stemen, Cole and Luke Reindel, Nick Ditto, Conner Anspach, John Pseekos, Logan Herron, Lincoln Mueller and Roger’s Rangers Representative Andrew Kohorst.

The Canal Commission has announced there will be a major cut and clearing of trees and shrubs this winter for the west side of the canal from Cleveland to Clime Street. The date will be announced later.

The Canal Commission also addressed the problem of people placing grass and shrub trimmings along the canal bank. Anyone placing items in or along the canal are being referred to city, county and state law enforcement.

In addition, funding to repair the canal south of the railroad to Clime Street is being requested.

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