August 22, 2014

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Finance Committee plows through department budgets PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 12:00 AM


Herald Editor

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DELPHOS — The Delphos City Finance Committee met Monday under the direction of Chair Joe Martz.

Departments heads from water, sewer and maintenance detailed their budgets line item by line item.

The majority Water Superintendent Tim Williams’ 2014 operating budget of $1,487,024 is mostly comprised of salaries and benefits ($446,300), utilities ($157,000), chemicals ($105,000) and debt repayment ($600,000) for the new plant and reservoir. Other miscellaneous costs round out his budget.

Williams did not include the reduction of personnel and fell approximately $280,000 short of where the auditor had targeted to have the account finish 2014 in the black. The reduction of one employee at the plant would save approximately $26,000.

Auditor Tom Jettinghoff asked if Williams did reduce personnel at the plant, if he could still operate. Williams said he could but there would be little room for water main repairs and maintenance at the plant.

“We all work together,” Williams said. “If there’s a water main break, it’s not just my guys out there. If we need to plow snow, I have a guy who can do that. We don’t just spend our time in our own departments; we help each other out where we’re needed.”

Councilman Rick Hanser asked if any operations at the plant could be done more cost-effectively and Williams answered that the plant is at bare bones and personnel is needed when water is generated and numerous tests have to be run daily.

Wastewater Superintendent Todd Teman presented his 2014 budget of $2,949,500 including, but not limited to: salaries and benefits ($600,000), utilities ($526,000), contractual services ($90,700), maintenance of equipment ($80,000) and chemicals ($110,000).

Teman’s budget did include the retirement of one Class 3 operator. When asked the ramifications of the reduction of an additional employee, Teman replied it would greatly affect the maintenance of the plant, which in turn, would cost the city money in the end.

The wastewater account will be $389,550 in the red at the end of 2014.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Rostorfer’s 2014 budget came in at $280,401 with the reduction of one employee. His expenses included salaries and benefits ($127,700), utilities ($12,800), maintenance of equipment ($16,000), vehicle fuel, lube and repair ($21,000), equipment ($13,309), salt ($12,000) and streets, highways and curbs ($55,000).

When asked if he could reduce another employee, Rostorfer relied the street maintenance would suffer, including maintenance, patching and sign replacement.

Councilman Jim Fortener said he wanted to see another meeting rather quickly.

“We have to come to come conclusions in the next several weeks,” he said. “People are out there waiting on us to do something and we have to deliver.”

Councilman Kevin Osting agreed.

“We have to do something,” he said. “We have to all get on the same page.”

Councilman Clement said he would council to have a plan for if the proposed .25-percent income tax fails.

“We are going to have to do what we have to to pay the bills,” he added.

The Finance Committee will meet again on Sept. 9 following the council meeting. Department heads from fire and rescue and police were asked to attend.

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