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Saturday, August 24, 2013 12:00 AM

Open auto body repair shop here

A.D. Rupert is opening an auto body and fender repair shop in Delphos. It will be known as the Delphos Body Works, located in the Earl Hollsmith paint shop on Canal Street, better known as “Pete’s” Paint Shop, where Mr. Rupert has rented space for his work.

Mr. Rupert is a former Delphos resident. He has had a long experience in the business, having worked at auto body building and repairing for twelve years past. He operated a shop at Findlay for two years and sold the business recently to locate in Delphos.

He will open his shop here the first of next week.

Delphos Herald, Mar. 19, 1929


Mechanically drunk

“Mechanically drunk, not socially intoxicated,” may soon be an official legal term here.

It was used recently by a police surgeon who gave evidence in the case of a motorist charged with being drunk in charge of an automobile.

“He was not socially intoxicated, but was mechanically drunk,” said the surgeon, and was ordered to pay $100.

Apparently “mechanically drunk” is not as heinous an offense as “socially drunk.”

Delphos Herald, Mar. 16, 1929


Gramm van highly praised

A Gramm van, built in Delphos and delivered to the Ben Langan Fireproof Storage Company, St. Louis, Mo., was selected from a large fleet of vans manufactured by some of the largest truck makers of the country, for a very unusual trip, that of transporting a consignment of household goods from New York City to Denver, Colorado.

The van, which is of 1000 cubic feet capacity, was in Delphos last week, having been brought here by the drivers, for inspection at the local plant.

A consignment of household goods was taken from St. Louis to Wilmington, Delaware. The truck then proceeded to New York where the load for Denver was loaded up.

The truck was brought to Delphos with the return load and stopped here a day for inspection thoroughly.

The driver of the truck stated that no repairs of any kind have been made since they received the truck even though this van was thrown into a ditch while hauling a heavy load. This accident occurred several months ago. Traveling along in the night at 35 miles per hour, on a wet and slippery road, it struck a fence rail left there by some thoughtless person and was thrown from the road. Thirty-six minutes of steady tugging and pulling by a power winch were required to place it back on the road. Careful inspection found it undamaged and it proceeded on its way.

The drivers while here stated that the owners consider this van the best they have in their fleet, even though some of their vans are built by the biggest truck manufacturers in the country.

The following is taken from a letter written by the Ben Langen Company personally to A. Gramm, concerning this trip. “We have advised New York that the best truck and the best crew in the United States would handle the job.”

Mr. Turner, in speaking of their experience with the Gramm, said that it is giving better satisfaction than any truck he has ever driven. He was especially pleased with the way in which it took the mountain grades in the east, and in its ease of handling.

The advantage of having the Gramm plant located in Delphos on the Lincoln Highway was clearly shown.

B.A. Gramm, president of Gramm Motors, Inc., brought out very clearly in his recent talk to Kiwanis, the many manufacturing advantages which Delphos enjoys because of it splendid geographical location. “Delphos”, Mr. Gramm said, “is very nearly in the center of the industrial belt of the country and even if it made no effort to secure new industries, they will come all over the town, looking for a place to settle.”

It is reasonable to believe that when the superior qualities of the Gramm product become more generally known to owners of large fleets, the already large output of the Delphos plant will be materially augmented.

Delphos Herald, Mar. 20, 1929



New welding shop now open

Welding and brazing of all metals done promptly by experienced workmen. All work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Nothing too large - nothing to small.

Roy Sheeter Arnold Sheeter

443 N. Main St.

Delphos Herald, July 3, 1929


Delphos girl rescued at Middle Point Quarry

Miss Alice Klausing, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Klausing of east of Delphos, had a narrow escape from drowning at the popular Middle Point stone quarry swimming pool Monday night.

Miss Klausing accompanied by Misses Mary Ellen Say and Mary Eiche, motored to the pond for a swim. She can not swim and when she stepped off a rock she immediately sank but called for help after coming to the surface.

The two companions saw her predicament and went to her aid. Both are fair swimmers and succeeded in keeping her from going under the third time. Miss Eiche was nearly exhausted from the struggle when cries for help attracted two men on the scene.

The two, Harry Pine, Harlan, Indiana and R. Steel of Decatur, Indiana, bricklayers working on Jackson-Hoaglin school, jumped into the water with their clothes on and took the Klausing girl to shore. Attempts to revive the girl at the scene were made and after she was partially revived she was taken to the office of Dr. Beach at Middle Point by Miss Isabel Weger who was attending a picnic at the pond.

Miss Weger brought the girl to Delphos after treatment and she was taken to the J.H. Say home on South Main Street. She was suffering from shock and pains in her head and a local physician rendered aid. She was then taken to the home of her parents.

Quick thinking by Miss Say, Miss Eiche and the efforts of the Indiana men are believed to have averted a drowning fatality.

Delphos Herald, July 2, 1929


Mrs. Rose Fast receives word that her son is working in tobacco fields

Worry concerning the whereabouts of Francis Fast on the part of his mother, Mrs. Rose Fast, and his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Kiefer, both of West First Street and other local friends and relatives has been eliminated.

Mrs. Fast received a letter from her son Wednesday morning, stating that he is in good health and is working in the tobacco fields at Norfolk, Virginia.

The young man disappeared from Wooster on April 8. He had attended high school there until the holidays and had quit school because of illness. He had talked of having to hunt work and it was thought likely that he had done this when he disappeared.

His mother, however, had been considerably worried because she had not heard from him. She had given his disappearance considerable publicity in newspapers and over the radio in an effort to locate him.

The letter which arrived Wednesday was a most welcome one and brought great relief to her.

Delphos Herald, July 3, 1929


Knight of Columbus kittenball game scheduled

A kittenball game is planned by two teams made up by members of the Knight of Columbus.

The game will likely be played at the Waterworks Park and is scheduled for next Monday evening. The married men will oppose the single men.

Among the married men are: Michael Evans, Pat Hickey, Dr. Dan Clark, Dr. F.A. Young, Henry Imholt, Henry Wegesin, C.C. Clark. Other possible players are now being listed.

Richard Wagner is rounding up the unmarried who will play. So far the list includes: Hurbert Burger, John Fisher, Art Fisher, Cyril Hickey, Cletus Hickey, Alphons Warnecke, Don Imber, Arnold Hesseling, Ottmer Odenweller and Harold Lause.

Delphos Herald, July 3, 1929


Delphos pitcher considered best of recruits for Chicago Cubs

Delphos baseball fans are watching with considerable interest the work of “Berly” Horne, the pitcher who has performed so well for Delphos time and time again the the past several years when he hurled Delphos to victory in the annual Delphos-Lima fall series.

Berly is one of the recruits of the Chicago Cubs and is reporting to be topping the heap of pitching recruits for that team. Horne, in actual games this spring in workouts, this spring, in two of these starts, representing six innings, he displayed an unusual amount of stuff.

Delphos Herald, Mar. 18, 1929



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