September 2, 2014

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Lutheran bishop cooks up flapjacks during church visit PDF Print E-mail
Friday, August 23, 2013 12:00 AM


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DELPHOS — The Lutheran Bishop Of Northwestern Ohio Marcus Lohrmann visited St. Peter Lutheran Church Thursday morning to witness the Kids’ Breakfast Outreach Ministry first-hand.

The offering is open to all school-age children who sometimes bring younger siblings that are at home with them through the day. Parents of children are also welcome.

Team Captain Susan McGue said the In Reach/Out Reach ministry is in its fourth year and is made possible with grants through the Northwestern Ohio Senate and Community Unity, a Delphos organization. There have also been monetary and food donations made by members of the church and the general public.

“Our first year, we had 0 - 8 kids,” McGue stated. “This year we had 20-30 kids per day, on average, with a high of 42 students one day during D.A.R.E. week.”

Pastor Angela Khabeb explained the kids come in and fill out an order slip.

“For example, they can order however many pancakes they want,” Khabeb detailed. “They can have a pancake with blueberries, one plain or one with chocolate chips.”

The breakfasts are made-to-order. The ministry serves pancakes and cereal each day, French Toast twice a week, eggs once a week, orange juice, milk and water.

“The best thing is they (the kids) are out of bed and starting their day off with a good breakfast,” McGue said.

Parents have responded that the ministry has ‘done an awesome job’ and ‘thank you for taking such good care of our children’.”

“I’m very proud of this very unique ministry,” Khabeb stated. “It is a classic community effort.”

“It’s a growing program and we appreciate the community support,” McGue said proudly.

Volunteers help every year and high school students from freshman to seniors are always welcome.

Today will be the last day for the Kid’s Breakfast ministry for this year.



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