August 20, 2014

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Jays get first live work on gridiron PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, August 17, 2013 12:16 AM


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DELPHOS — Football coaches use the first scrimmage of any season as the first chance to really see what their guys can do against someone other than a familiar jersey.

For St. John’s coach Todd Schulte, the Blue Jays’ scrimmage versus Van Buren Friday night at Stadium Park was also a chance to maybe answer some questions entering the 2013 regular season in two weeks.

“I really did not know what to expect from our guys coming into this scrimmage. I had a lot of questions coming in as to how we’d compete,” he explained. “We competed well, so that was good to see. We’ve been battling some injuries during the pre-season and have had to move people around; we’ve had to get some younger guys in there or different guys than we expected. It is what is.”

After the junior varsity teams tied 0-0 after two series each of 10 plays (the Black Knights scored on two touchdown tosses when they went six plays from the Jays’ 15), the varsity took the field.

Tyler Jettinghoff scored on a 25-yard touchdown sojourn on the final play of the Jays’ first series of 10 plays.

Each team had two series.

When it went to more situational activity, such as starting from the opponent’s 35, Jettinghoff tacked on a 7-yard run.

Starting at the opponent’s 15 saw St. John’s Mitchell MacLennan score on a 14-yard run, Andy May grabbing a 15-yard scoring toss from Nick Martz and Jettinghoff adding a 15-yard scoring run.

Andy May added all the extra points (unrushed) and a 20-yard field goal.

The Knights then retaliated with a 15-yard TD pass, a 2-yard scoring run and another 12-yard scoring toss.

In game situation, Jettinghoff finished off the Jays’ first series on play five with an 18-yarder.

The Knights countered with a 4-yard run on their 10th play.

“I’ve coached long enough — our coaches have done this long enough — that you see things you’ve always seen, that you’ve done before,” Schulte added. “It’s normal to see things you did well and what you didn’t do well. We’ve got a lot to work on but that’s what you find out in your first live action like this.”

The Jays will host Celina 5:30 p.m. Thursday (instead of Friday) to finish pre-season preparations.


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