August 27, 2014

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On the Other Hand - Actions speak louder PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, August 18, 2013 12:00 AM


We’ve all met or known one and some of us share their tendencies.

They seldom act alone and are seldom challenged. They usually have their own entourage of friends who are either too scared to go against them or just glad it’s someone else being picked on and not them.

We’ve all seen the effect of bullies. Here are just two examples of extreme cases of when those being bullied finally pushed back:

April 20, 1999, Littleton, Colo. — 14 students (including killers) and one teacher killed, 23 others wounded at Columbine High School in the nation’s deadliest school shooting. Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, had plotted for a year to kill at least 500 and blow up their school. At the end of their hour-long rampage, they turned their guns on themselves.

Klebold and Harris were both intelligent, came from solid homes with two parents and had older brothers who were three years their senior.

When the two boys entered high school, they found it difficult to fit into any of the cliques. As is too common in high school, the boys found themselves frequently picked on by athletes and other students.

April 28, 1999, Taber, Alberta, Canada — One student killed, one wounded at W. R. Myers High School in first fatal high school shooting in Canada in 20 years. The suspect, a 14-year-old boy, had dropped out of school after he was severely ostracized by his classmates.

The list goes on and on. Bullying is not something kids need to “get over” or “tough out.” Bullying is something that needs to be stopped. It’s not a right of passage or a trial by fire. It’s mean, hurtful and can have lasting effects on the victims. Teens who are already struggling with the crushing burdens of growing up are forced to “survive.” It can become so bad students refuse to go to school — or in some cases, come to school prepared to make it stop.

All I know is, doing nothing shouldn’t be an option. Inaction equals approval.


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