August 20, 2014

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Friday, July 26, 2013 12:00 AM


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OTTOVILLE — After the Rev. John Stites retired in June, Ottoville Immaculate Conception and Cloverdale St. Barbara parishes welcomed a new shepherd with the arrival of the Rev. Jerry Schetter of St. Mary’s.

Schetter is still relatively new to the priesthood, having been ordained in 2011 by Bishop Leonard Blair in Toledo. He spent the next two years at St. Rose Parish in Perrysburg.


His first day at Ottoville was July 1.


“Ottoville is a great community; a very Catholic-based community,” he said. “It’s also a small community, so it helps you get to know everyone. There are a lot of families here with the same name, which can make things easier I guess. It’s very different from Perrysburg.

“Ottoville also brings me closer to my roots, closer to home,” he went on. “I have some family in the area as well, which is nice. I actually spent three months in Delphos too, about seven years ago when I was in seminary. I spent the summer at St. John’s.”

Before deciding to go to seminary in 2005, Schetter managed a business called Unique Awards and Signs in St. Marys with his sister Julia. He said his reason for changing careers was simple.

“My reason was God,” he said. “You can’t ask for a better reason than that. I just felt called. I had done a lot of ministry work my whole life and it was something I had a lot of experience with, so it was easy for me to feel God’s call in my life.”

When Schetter isn’t enriching the spiritual lives of parish members, he enjoys cultivating his love for sports.

“I enjoy sports. I’m a true Buckeye,” he said. “When I got here to Ottoville I asked ‘what’s a Big Green anyway?’ They said, ‘well it’s a Spartan,’ and I said I was a Roughrider before so I guess I can be a Big Green now but not a Spartan because I’m a Buckeye through and through.”

Schetter was also a professional skier.

“Skiing used to be a big part of my life,” he continued. “I was a professional skier for 30 years with the National Ski Patrol. It’s not so much a part of my life anymore now. I enjoy golfing occasionally, too. I just enjoy sports.”

Schetter knows he will encounter challenges on the road ahead but he feels he’s prepared to meet them.

“Our appointments come from the bishop,” he said. “I’ve only had two years as a priest but the bishop obviously had great faith in me to have sent me here to Ottoville. It’s ironic actually, my first weekend here I remember the gospel was about when Jesus sent out his disciples, two by two, but he sent me out by myself. I have a lot of experience dealing with people though, through business and education, so I don’t think it’ll be too difficult.”

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