September 1, 2014

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Thursday, July 25, 2013 12:00 AM


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ELIDA—Elida Local Schools’ newest board of education member Pat Schymanski is no stranger to the district, having been involved to varying degrees over the last 25 years.

Schymanski, who retired from his job at General Dynamics in 2010, found he finally had the time to accept a position on the board as others had been urging him to do for years.


“This is really the first opportunity I’ve had to do it, when I wouldn’t have to split my time between school and work,” he said.


Schymanski and his family moved to Elida from outside Detroit and every one of his four children has attended Elida.

“One of my kids started out here in first grade and the rest were here from kindergarten on up,” he said.

Schymanski has been a strong voice in past Elida levy campaigns and has weighed in on the district’s financial matters at board meetings and financial summits. Now that he’s been selected to fill the open seat vacated by Brad Settlage, who resigned for medical reasons, Schymanski would like to see Elida get the funding it needs.

“I just want to ensure that the facts are out in the open and that the community knows the dollars are being used wisely, that we’re getting the best investment for our children,” he said. “I hope we can solve some of the funding issues that public schools are facing.”

“In northwest Ohio, most schools are below the national average for funding and don’t get credit for being well-managed financially,” he continued. “Many schools were running on what we call lean manufacturing techniques long before the governor was elected and started talking about it. These schools have been working hard to maintain a good frugal system to get the best value for the taxpayer.”

Schymanski feels that the districts operating the most efficiently deserve more credit than they get.

“We need to focus not just on educational grades but fiscal grades as well,” he said. “We need to find out which schools are the most efficient and find a way to recognize and reward them for their efficiency.”

Elida is one of these districts Schymanski feels deserves recognition for giving quality education with inadequate funding.

“I think Elida is underrated in academic performance,” he said. “We have a lot of well-educated teachers who do a great job. We’ve put kids in Harvard, Wesleyan, New York universities and several schools in the Big Ten. I think we need to spend more time advertising our academic success.”

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