September 2, 2014

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Van Wert announces 2013 State Fair qualifiers PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:05 AM

Information submitted


Staying Healthy Jr

Chloe Sidle – Ohio Challengers

The Truth about Tobacco JR

Allie Ford – Willshire Wide Awake

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Senior

Destiny Disher – Green Hopping Marshalls

Alternate: Chloe Lautzenheiser – Harrison Jolly Boosters

Keeping Fit Senior

Chloe Gamble – Shooting Stars

Alternate – Alyssa Matthews – Ridge Buckeyes

First Aid in Action Jr

Kylie Cloninger – Clever Clovers

Becoming Money Wise

Madison Pugh – Venedocia Lads & Lassies

Make Over My Space SR

Madelyn Buettner – Pathfinders of Delphos

Make Over My Space JR

Hanna Young – Leaders of the Future

Creative Arts Jr.

Kasey Denman – Ohio City Blue Ribbon Workers

Alternate: Kylie Cloninger- Clever Clovers

Creative Arts Senior

Carley Springer – Hoaglin Farmers

Alternate- Rylee Byrne – Hoaglin Farmers

Controlling the Image

Allison M. Miller – Pathfinders of Delphos

Mastering Photography

Alicia Buettner – Pathfinders of Delphos

Scrapbooking Junior

Carson Kreischer – Ohio Challengers

Alternate – Maisee Short – Ohio Challengers

Scrapbooking Senior

Chloee Gamble – Shooting Stars

Let’s Bake Quick Breads

Allie Ford – Willshire Wide Awake

Grill Master

Erin Richardson- Clever Clovers

Star Spangled Foods

Paige Moonshower-Shooting Stars

Food & Fitness Choices for You

Chloe Sidle-Ohio Challengers

Yeast Breads on the Rise

Cheyanne Bonifas- Pathfinders of Delphos

Alternate – Elizabeth Winhover – Pathfinders of Delphos

You’re the Chef

Daniel Joseph – Ohio Challengers

The Global Gourmet

Katelyn Welch – Bunny Hoppers

Pathways to Culinary Success

Daniel Thompson - Clever Clovers

Beyond the Grill

Kelsey Pohlman – Pathfinders of Delphos

I Spy in the Kitchen

Kayla Krite- Clever Clovers

Snack Attack

Rachel Spath – Clever Clovers

Alternate: Carson Kreischer – Ohio Challengers

One on One 4-H Mentorship

Carley Springer- Hoaglin Farmers

Club Teen Leadership

Isaiah Oliver – Jr. Leaders

Alternate: Baxton Matthews – Jr. Leaders

Leadership Road Trip

Maggie Cripe – Jr. Leaders

Alternate: Alyssa Matthews

Pantry Panic

Chloee Gamble – Shooting Stars

Self Determined Natural Resources

Justin Overmyer – Ohio Challengers

Tree Planting

Chloee Gamble – Shooting Stars

Safe Use of Guns

Dylan Hicks – Ohio Challengers

Alternate – Thomas Etzler- Willshire Wide Awake

Lawn Care Senior

Noah Daugherty – Ohio Challengers

Entering Electronics

Daniel Thompson – Clever Clovers

Making the Cut JR

Ethan Crow – Leaders of the Future

Rope JR

Madison Pugh- Venedocia Lads & Lassies

Rockets Away 4-H 503 – Estes Type

Bradley Line – Clever Clovers

Rockets Away – Bottle Rockets 501

Sterling Rigdon – Venedocia Lads & Lassies

Fun with Clothes

Lauren Henderson – Willshire Wide Awake

Sundresses and Jumpers

Dylan Carey – Hoaglin Farmers

Alternate: Kassidy Ringwald – Leaders of the Future

Clothing for Middle School

Frankie Carey – Hoaglin Farmers

Alternate: Kaylee Hobbs – Ridge Buckeyes


Carley Wendel – Leaders of the Future

Alternate: Madison Pugh – Venedocia Lads & Lassies

Active Sports Wear

McKenna Johnson – Barnyard Buddies

Alternate: Alexandra Crow- Leaders for the Future

Dress up Outfit

Colleen Schulte – Pathfinders of Delphos

Outer Layers

Chelsea Hancock – Ohio Challengers

Sew for Others

Allie Ford- Willshire Wide Awake

Self-Determined Junior

Alaina Arnery – Clever Clovers

Alternate: Amber Lichtenberger – Barnyard Buddies

Self Determined Senior

Caleb Markward – Clever Clovers

Alternate: Braxton Mathews – Ridge Buckeyes –Jr. Leaders

Cake Decorating – Beginner

Alaina Arney – Clever Clovers

Cake Decorating Advanced

Chelsea Hancock – Ohio Challengers

Basic Archery

Abby Buettner – Pathfinders of Delphos

Alternate: Caitlin Cox – Pathfinders of Delphos

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