August 22, 2014

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Ottoville Village hires new police officer PDF Print E-mail
Monday, July 22, 2013 11:27 PM


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OTTOVILLE — Village council held a relatively short monthly meeting Monday night discussing a newly hired police officer, vacating the Sixth Street alley to make way for a new home construction and approval of new zoning and water/sewer maps.

Chief of Police Jay Herrick reported that everything went OK with the church fair. He added that the department just hired Officer Amy Kimmey, a Delphos resident, as its new part-time officer. At this time, Herrick said the department is looking to hire another officer.

Mayor Ron Miller welcomed guests Matt Hilvers and his wife to speak.

Hilvers approached council with plot plans he acquired through the Putnam County website. He explained that he lives at 391 Sixth St. and would like to buy the property next to him, which is one-half of an acre and 77 feet wide by 192 feet deep, and build a new home. At this time, there is an alley, which is an extension of Sixth Street that was never developed, and he wants council to consider vacating the alley.

“It stops on Bruce’s (Bendele) property line and never went all the way through,” Miller explained. “It was supposed to go through Bruce’s property but never developed.”

Miller said that if the alley is dissolved, the property owners split the property (alley) up to Bendele’s.

Discussion turned to the canal land, some of which the village was given by the state in the past. Hilvers would like to buy the canal land attached to the new property. With regards to the property in question, Miller nor council members know who owns the rights to the canal land.

Councilman Tim Rieger said, “If Hilvers wants to buy the canal land and we own it, that would work out well for the village.”

Miller summarized the project.

“We would vacate the alley from Walnut Street to South East Canal Street and keep the fire alley open,” Miller detailed. “We need to find out who owns the canal land before we make any decisions.”

Miller suggested waiting until the next monthly meeting so that they had ample time to research the owner and think about it.

“Anytime we talk vacate, we could open a can of worms,” Miller said.

Fiscal Officer Jeanne Wannemacher addressed the outdated maps hanging in council chambers. She said it’s been 10-15 years since the zoning and water/sewer maps were updated.

“Poggemeyer’s gave us a price to update the maps and they have the CAD drawings,” Wannemacher said. “The proposal is for $500 max and not much of a price difference from five or six years ago.”

Wannemacher also spoke with council about street maintenance and asked them to consider sealing one street per year.

“South East Canal, the day care alley and Ohio Street are all nasty,” Wannemacher reported.

“Barry (Koester) just swept the streets,” Miller stated. “He can analyze and grade the streets for cracks, etc.”

Council member Karen Hoersten reported that there was a dead tree in front of the phone company that needed to be removed.

“Barry and Tony (Langhals) got together and found 14 trees that needed cut down,” Wannemacher said. “They are getting quotes now.”

Council received a “Thank You” from the fire department and said that visiting fire departments and all guests complimented the town on its production of the fire convention. In addition, the fire department gave the police department a $1,000 donation to cover the cost of their overtime during the convention.

The next monthly meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Aug. 19 in Village Council chambers.

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