August 22, 2014

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Elida Local Schools Board fills open seat PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 12:17 AM


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ELIDA — The vacant seat on the Elida Local Schools Board of Education has been filled by Pat Schymanski of Elida Visionaries, a longtime supporter of the district. Schymanski was one of four candidates who applied for the empty spot left by board member Brad Settlage, who cited medical reasons for his resignation.

Jonathan Nichols, a 2002 graduate of Elida, was one of the four to apply for the open position. He turned in a public participation card to express his support for the board’s decision.

“While unfortunately I was not the individual chosen, I do want to stand here and say that my time with you yesterday and being able to talk with you, there’s no doubt in my mind that every one of you has the school’s best interest in mind,” he said. “Having known Mr. Schymanski for quite some time and having worked with him at General Dynamics, he is an extremely well-equipped individual to serve here on the board and I believe that you guys are all honored to sit next to him and work with him.”

Schymanski retired from General Dynamics in 2010. As an Elida parent and supporter, he has been involved in the Elida district to varying degrees for more than 25 years.

In other news, the district is making plans to go back on the ballot this November after two failed requests for new money in the last year. This new levy will need to generate $1,939,346 annually for five years to provide for the emergency requirements of the district. The board approved a resolution for Treasurer Joel Parker to submit the levy proposal to the Allen County Auditor for certification.

The board approved the following resignation: Kristy Ringwald, Elida High School English teacher, effective Aug. 19.

The following certified personnel were approved for employment: Melanie Nixon (correction), Elida Elementary principal, three-year contract; Maureen Rentz, Special Education Officer, effective Aug. 1, three-year contract; Dennis Thompson, part-time math teacher, Elida High School, effective Aug. 23, one-year contract.

Also approved were the following supplementals: Dave Sandy, middle school, building technology; Darrell Bryan, Middle school student council; Frank Pauff, middle school yearbook; Brady Overholt, Math Counts. A total of 86 substitute teachers were approved.

The board approved school lunch prices for the 2013/14 school year as follows: grades 9-12 — $2.75; grades 5-8 — $2.50; grades K-4 — $2.40; breakfast K-4 — $1.25; breakfast 5-12 — $1.40; reduced lunch — $.40; reduced breakfast — $.30; adults — $3; a la carte milk — $.50.

The board approved the purchase of a chiller for Elida Middle School from RA Flynn & Son, Inc., at a price of $133,995. This will be paid for out of the Permanent Improvement Fund.


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