September 2, 2014

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EPA finds issues at Jennings Park PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 12:02 AM


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FORT JENNINGS—Fort Jennings council addressed recent EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) park inspection, awarded the contract for the Second Street reconstruction project and Park Fest preparations at Tuesday’s meeting.

Mayor Jim Smith reported on the issues the EPA found and determined to be non-compliant, including changing the well cap; removing old PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) piping; signage warning no pesticides or fertilizer within a 50-foot radius of the well cap; and removal and replacement of the yard hydrants. The agency also recommended the village develop a Source Water Protection Plan.

“We’ll contact them for assistance (on the plan),” Smith said. “It needs to be done in the next 180 days.”

At his time, there is no water in the park and it will not be available until the restroom facility is complete.

The village received four bids on the Second Street reconstruction project. The winning bid of $30,976 came from Ward Construction Co. of West Liberty.

“They will remove the asphalt, lay a 12-inch base and add three inches of new asphalt,” Smith detailed the construction.

Council members accepted the bid and awarded the contract to Ward Construction.

Smith called on Park Board President Jerry Siefker for his report, which encompassed preparing for Fort Fest set for Aug. 16-18. Siefker said the flyers, posters and signage for the celebration are in progress and will be completed this week. Siefker also said the big tent will be set up in front of the new bank.

“Everything’s falling in line,” Siefker said. “Some things are not moving so fast.”

Smith said his biggest concern was proper street closures. He also stated that he would send out a letter to the residents so they are aware of the closure of Water Street on Saturday during the event.

Siefker confirmed a meeting between Deuces Wild members, Chief Ethel Vaughn and himself to talk about road closures for possible overflow.

The village is making progress on completing all the work necessary prior to the festival, including set up of the fencing for the lawn mower races, hanging the banners, removing the roof of the concession stand for additional construction, accommodating for a P.A. (public announcement) system, completing and mailing sponsorship letters and finalizing the changes to the parade list.

In addition, Siefker presented a material-only quote to the members of council for a permanent power supply that Siefker is willing to install. He said that instead of drawing from residents and businesses for the festival and other activities, erecting a power source at or near the corner of Second and Water streets would accommodate the band, vendors and P.A. system.

“Bands need 100 amps and vendors with fryers need 50 amps,” Siefker detailed. “We need a concrete base adjacent to the Fort with two 200-amp weather-tight breaker boxes on an aluminum or steel pole bolted to the concrete.”

The quote total for the materials to install the new power source, which came from All Phase in Lima, was $2,220.75.

“I think it’s ideal as long as it’s up high enough to keep people from messing with it,” Smith said. “We don’t want to create an eyesore or hazard.”

“I’ll talk to the power company (AEP) and arrange a meeting,” Siefker stated. “I’ll let council know and we could all meet and make a decision on placement.”

“We just have to stay in the right of way,” Smith said.

Council passed the motion to purchase the materials and approved Siefker performing the installation.

In the Police Committee Report, councilman Greg Brown reported that there were minimal incidents, the police department air conditioning was not working and there were three new auxiliary officers hired.

Smith read the Maintenance Report and noted that the village’s tractor is fixed. He also said the broken air conditioner at the police department has been torn apart and repaired before. Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman suggested purchasing a new one since the unit is fairly old. In addition, the fax machine quit working at the police department and Wrasman and Vaughn receive and send a lot of faxes.

“It may be $300 bucks max for a new AC,” Smith stated. “I gave Ted mine (fax machine) and we can check to see if the copier there at the station will do faxes.”

The next village council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 16 at the Jennings library.


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