September 1, 2014

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Saturday, July 06, 2013 12:37 AM


Now that my high school classmate, Mary Kay (Pohlman) Klausing, has written numerous letters against the evil wind turbines, I would like to take a crack at responding.

Wind turbines do cost money to start up. If someone starts a business, it does cost money to start up the business. Most people receive government money to help start up a business.

Wind turbines, according to the website, states:

“Wind energy is friendly towards the surrounding environment, as no fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity from wind energy. Wind turbines take up less space than the average power station. Newer technologies are making the extraction of wind energy more efficient. The wind is free and we are able to cash in on this free source of energy.

“Wind turbines are a great resource to generate energy in remote locations, such as mountain communities and remote countryside. Wind turbines can be a range of different sizes in order to support varying population levels. Another advantage of wind energy is that, when combined with solar energy, this energy source is great for developed and developing countries to provide a steady, reliable source of electricity.”

We do need more sources of energy (such as wind and solar) in addition to conventional sources of energy.

The farmers receive money for leasing their land to the wind farms and they can still farm the vast majority of their land. So it’s a win-win proposition.

Besides, we like to see the “whirly-birds” (as my wife calls the wind-turbines) do their thing. Saint Francis of Assisi would approve of any type of energy source which helps the environment.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Wrasman


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