August 29, 2014

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Saturday, June 29, 2013 12:01 AM


I am writing today to update everyone on things happening in Congress that will affect the Postal Service and its customers.

My last letter I urged everyone to contact their congressmen concerning the harmful effects H.R. 2309 would have on the Postal Service and also our customers.


H.R. 2309 would have mandated a massive round of post office closings, eliminated Saturday delivery, laid off approximately 40 to 50 thousand workers, cut health benefits, gutted our collective bargaining rights and eliminated door delivery among other things.


To those who called or wrote their congressmen, thank you.

I wrote Rep. Jim Jordan and his response to me was that “The problems range from too many facilities, to an excess of labor, to an ineffective pricing system.” He said that “There are over 150,000 USPS employees who qualify for retirement right now but are still collecting a paycheck.” He also spoke of other reforms in the bill including “the option to go to five-day delivery, to revise labor agreements and require all mail customers transition over a two-year period to begin receiving their mail at curbside boxes or cluster boxes instead of delivery to their door.”

By reading his letter I took it to believe that he was in favor of this bill, especially the things I have written about.

I responded back to him regarding these things and said that maybe employees did not retire because they either loved what they were doing or couldn’t afford to in this economy and if we should be forced to retire, then shouldn’t Congress be held to the same standards as there were several congressmen working well into their 70s and 80s?

Regarding the eliminating of door-to-door delivery I mentioned customers on our routes who are in wheelchairs and cannot walk, or elderly who have much difficulty getting around and to please tell me how I was supposed to tell them that they would have to walk several blocks away to get their mail and if he would feel comfortable asking his friends and relatives to do the same?

This was sent in January 2012 and to date I have not received a reply. In all fairness, he may have misplaced my letter. I hope he read it and sees the drastic effects those type of changes would have on people.

The author of last year’s H.R. 2309, Rep. Darrel Issa, R-Ca., has released a postal reform “discussion draft” to gather input from stakeholders and his colleagues in Congress before turning the draft into a bill.

In this draft, he is once again exploring eliminating a day of delivery, eliminating door-to-door delivery, and closing rural post offices and services among other things. To his credit, he has offered to eliminate the congressional mandate that was forced on the USPS by Congress in 2006 to pay into the US Treasury $5.5 billion to pre-fund future retiree health benefits.

This mandate has been the main reason the USPS is in such dire financial conditions. It has accounted for 80 -90 percent of our debt.

We applaud him for this offer, but these other things I just mentioned have to be removed as well.

Please call your congressmen and ask them to NOT support this legislation if it includes eliminating a day of delivery, eliminating delivery to your door or closing the rural post offices. Our local Congressmen’s phone numbers are: Rep. Jim Jordan (202) 225-2676 for those in the 4th Congressional district and Rep.Bob Latta (202) 225-6405 for those in the 5th Congressional district.

Thank you,

Chuck Shumaker

Steward Br. 182


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