August 30, 2014

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Relay hits $83,764 at close PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, June 23, 2013 11:44 PM


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DELPHOS — The 11th annual Delphos Relay for Life concluded on a high note just before noon on Saturday with the Balloon Launch to Heaven. Relay for Life Chair Cindy Metzger announced just moments before that the total for this year’s event is just over $83,764, a preliminary figure as a few fundraisers are still in the works.

Metzger said the weekend couldn’t have gone better.

“The weather cooperated; it was just a gorgeous weekend,” she said. “We had eight new teams, 24 total, so we hit our goal. Overall, we had 175 participants, not counting the 75 survivors for the survivor lap. I can’t think of anything we could really improve. How do you improve on perfection? I guess if we could have a cure for next year, that would be an improvement. We would also like to have more survivors because that means something’s going right; people are getting cured.”

The goal for this year was $88,000. The Delphos Relay started Saturday at just over $1,000,000 cumulative.

“We didn’t reach a million this year,” Metzger said. “So I say next year we go for $2 million, why not?”

This is Metzger’s second year as Chairperson and she says it’s also her last.

“We don’t have a chair for next year yet,” she said. “Interested persons, anyone interested in participating or being on the committee can contact me. We’ll also have announcements in the paper and on the radio for meetings and things.”

Metzger took a moment during the closing ceremonies to thank those who helped put the weekend together.

“This would not have come together without the help of these people behind me,” she said. “The relay gives us a chance to celebrate the survivors and support them in their fight against this disease. It gives us the chance to celebrate the caregivers and everything they do, and it gives us a chance to celebrate all the accomplishments of the American Cancer Society over the last 100 years. It gives us a chance to celebrate being together. We fought hard this weekend.”


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