July 24, 2014

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Jennings to seek bids for street work PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 12:15 AM


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FORT JENNINGS — Village council met Tuesday night to discuss an array of topics, including the Second Street Reconstruction Project, street sealing completion, the park sewer line and recent dumping of grass cuttings in the wastewater lagoon.

Mayor Jim Smith gave details about the Second Street Construction Project. He said the site work is done and should be ready after July 1.

“Advertising for bids will begin soon so that we can collect them before the next meeting and then open bids then,” Smith said. “The job should only take four to five days.”

Maintenance Supervisor Ted Wrasman said there are seven to eight dead trees between the walk bridge and the highway bridge. Smith asked council members if they would approve the removal of the trees if the company is ready to continue. Council approved the removal of more dead trees lining the river banks.

Smith reported that the ultraviolet (U.V.) work was finished today and he was very impressed with the job. He also discussed having a company come in to paint the handicap stripes and stop blocks before August.

Smith said there have been reports made to the Mayor’s Office that people are dumping grass clippings in the lagoon. Wrasman said that he has not noticed any debris and has done some clean-up in the area. Council agreed that posting a “No Dumping” sign in that area may detour any further debris.

Another issue related to the lagoon is the problem with the wiring to the aerators, which have been burning up. Council approved repairs by County Electric, whose bid came in at little over $1,200.

Discussion turned to the county sewer and water district, a plan in infancy at this time. The premise behind the plan is to form a co-op which will continually expand and bring sewer and water to many areas. The areas may include Ottoville, Kalida, Ottawa and Dupont and give them the opportunity to save money on equipment. For example, rather than needing 10 pieces of the same equipment servicing the individual communities, with the co-op, two pieces of equipment would be transferred and utilized where it is needed.

Councilmen Jeff Swick questioned the amount of control the co-op would have over the operations.

“We can’t set our own sewer rates and might lose control,” Swick expressed concern.

Smith sees the advantages in the co-op.

“This spreads the costs over a lot of customers,” Smith reasoned. “They would guide us through grant processes.”

Police Chief Ethel Vaughn will travel to Perrysburg to receive a special award for the six veteran officers on the force.

Vaughn reported that things have been very quiet in town.

“We had the best last day of school ever,” Vaughn said. “No water balloons or problems. The kids behaved well.”

In the Treasurer’s Report, property tax payments and a Shell and Gem Seal billing costing $32,487 were approved for payment by council.

The next meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on July 16 at the Fort Jennings Library.


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