August 20, 2014

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Saturday, June 15, 2013 12:48 AM


This is a letter of thanks and praise for two young ladies from Delphos St. John’s.

Maddie Burgei and Alicia Buettner visited my home every Tuesday morning as part of a project for their religion class.

The first couple of visits we just talked. They asked a lot of questions about my childhood. I recalled a memory about the Inter-Urban and my daughter made a folder of pictures and information for them to see.

I told them of how when I was 7, I took a ride on it with my parents to Lima for 15 cents. They looked through my mother’s scrapbook she made when she was 11.

The girls were to do things for me so I asked them to help me with special jobs that I do every year for the holidays. They put my pumpkins in the yard; and dressed my geese as witches on Halloween, pilgrims on Thanksgiving and Santas on Christmas.

They also textile painted a table cloth which I am very proud of.

These young ladies do lots of volunteer things to help others. One of them took a mission trip, one mucked stalls and groomed horses for people who need therapy.

The good deeds the young people do should be told — not just the bad things.

This is why this letter is written. I tip my hat and raise my hand of praise to Maddie and Alicia for making sun shine a little brighter and my day much nicer.

God bless you both!

My thanks to their teacher, Mrs. Elwer.

Ruth Nixon



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