August 27, 2014

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City weighs in on ALCO closure PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 11:34 PM


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DELPHOS—The closing of ALCO has been quite a shock to the community and will have a financial impact on city tax revenues.

Mayor Michael Gallmeier said that from his understanding, there was a problem with the lease and there seemed to be no other way to get the problem resolved. Unfortunately, it will greatly affect the 15 full- and part-time employees who worked there and the people who shopped there.

It will negatively impact the community as a whole.

“I hate to see any business close,” Gallmeier said. “It is a tremendous loss for the city.”

When asked about economic development and attracting a new business to that site, Gallmeier said that if there is trouble with the landlord already, it’s unlikely a business will move in there unless repairs are made. Those agreements would be made between the tenant (business) and the landlord.

City Income Tax Manager Doris Bockey said that she could not give any specifics on the financial impact the store closing will have on the city.

“Any type of business that leaves Delphos will cause a loss in revenue,” she said.

ALCO’s Senior Vice President for Store Operations Ricardo Clemente, in a press release from ACLO Stores, Inc., cited a different reason for the store’s closure.

“The decision to close the store in Delphos was a difficult one. We have valued the opportunity to be a part of this community but unfortunately the store’s performance does not meet our financial requirements,” Clemente said. “The economy has clearly had an impact on store sales and we’ve made the very difficult decision to close.”

Clemente said employees of the Delphos store will have the opportunity to be considered for positions at other ALCO stores.

“This is never an easy decision to make and we know it will have an impact on the Delphos community. We wish to express our thanks to the many friends that we have served over the past several years and also thank the employees who have served our company faithfully during that time,” Clemente added.

Plans are to hang a banner on the storefront on Monday announcing a sale of 10 percent off on everything. The target date for the store’s closure is Aug. 26.



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