September 3, 2014

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Friday, June 07, 2013 11:43 PM

DEAR EDITOR: Iberdrola/Heartland Wind is in the area knocking on landowners’ doors talking about how their 475 foot wind turbines are beneficial to the Delphos community. They would like to have approximately 150 turbines connecting those in Van Wert continuing north of Route 30 to the Allen County line.

If you allow it, we as taxpayers are going to be paying for these wind farms many times over. Nobody is putting up a wind turbine with their own money. The one year, a $12 billion extension of the federal wind production tax credit (PTC) that was added to the fiscal cliff bill in January is helping to support wind companies. Yes, even the Dog Creek wind project that is being proposed. Now, some Ohio legislators are trying to sneak extended Ohio tax breaks into the state budget bill. With federal and state tax breaks, the wind developer will be paying less than 20 percent of the project costs. The public will pick up the tab for the rest. So what does this mean? Utility companies are required to purchase a certain percent of wind power. Because of the high cost relative to the low output of electricity, the per unit cost is three to four times higher than electricity from a standard power plant. These higher costs will be reflected in your higher energy rates.

What can you do? Educate yourself. Every energy project has consequences and many are detrimental to safety, health, property values, wildlife and the future economic viability of the area. These impacts are explored at Ask your neighbor not to sign a wind lease or a land easement. Contact the Van Wert County Commissioners to express your concern (419-238-6159). They will determine whether the residents of Van Wert County provide tax abatements for this wind project that will be built in and around the Delphos community.

Please take a stance today to oppose the proposed wind turbines.


Mary Kay Klausing



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