August 21, 2014

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Griffin tops Tri-County Regional Track qualifiers from Spencerville PDF Print E-mail
Friday, May 24, 2013 12:28 AM


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SPENCERVILLE — The windy and cold weather was perfect for a a winter sport.

Unfortunately, that described the weather for the Division III District Track and Field Meet Thursday at Spencerville.

The athletes have become used to that scenario this spring but with regional berths on the line in several events, a number of Tri-County performers punched tickets.


Spencerville junior thrower Beth Griffin led the qualifiers to next week’s Piqua Regionals by winning the girls discus.


“The wind and cold didn’t bother me too much today. I actually prefer the cold,” she noted. “My best today — 108 feet — is my personal best and that came on my second-to-last try. I had to get warmed up some today but once I did, it was OK.”

St. John’s senior Alyssa Faurot tied for second in the girls high jump.

“I didn’t do as good as I wanted but I advanced. That was the goal today; to make it to regionals,” she said. “The cold wasn’t bad; it just means you have to warm up better and take more time to do it. The wind is what can be a problem and has been this year a lot. When it’s behind you back, I try to speed up; when it’s against you, you have to adjust your steps and everything. That’s what I will be working on this week in practice; just making sure I have those steps right.”

Ottoville senior thrower Rachel Beining was second in the girls discus.

“I threw 107 today, so I know I can do better. My personal best is 117, so I know I can do better,” she explained. “Thankfully, I threw my best today in my first throw. You usually want to throw the disc high and let it carry but when the wind is against you, you want to keep it low and hope the wind doesn’t knock it down. I had a good week of practice this week because it was warmer; I just hope it gets warmer for regionals.”

The Lincolnview boys 4x8 relay of Kade Carey, Jeff Jacomet, Ben Bilimek and Bayley Tow nailed second.

Bilimek spoke for the quartet.

“We’ve definitely improved from the start of the season until now. We really took off when we added Kade (Carey) to the team; he is an 800-meter star,” he joked. “We really ran well today considering the weather but we’re used to working hard in it. What’s even better are some of the teams we beat in Coldwater, St. Henry and Lima Central Catholic. Minster is really strong but to beat some of these teams is great.

“Our goal at regionals is to make the top four so we can go to state.”

The Jefferson girls 4x800-meter relay of juniors Rileigh Stockwell, Brooke Teman, Rebekah Geise and Kenidi Ulm ran a 10:26 to clinch third and head to the regionals.

“Before the race, we gathered together and said a prayer,” Ulm explained. “We knew that Minster was just too strong but that after that, we had a chance to do well.”

“When it’s cold and windy, like today, you just have to make sure you are warmed up and stay that way,” Stockwell noted. “You take extra time and talk to each other about not letting it bother you.”

“You just keep talking to yourself when you’re running to just stay focused and not think about the weather,” Geise said. “You just reminding yourself to just keep running and not try to go too fast.”

“Once we knew that we were going to finish in the top four, you could just relax some. We’ve worked so hard all year for this,” Teman added. “We all just ran a smooth race; we didn’t try to do too much. We have another race to prepare for this week in practice and we’ll see what we can do next week.”

Ottoville senior Anthony Eickholt garnered third — based on less misses — in the boys pole vault by clearing 12-4.

“The wind really can get to you, so you have to have the right mental approach,” he said. “Today was even tougher because when it started to rain some, they had to suspend the event and we weren’t sure we could finish today. Fortunately, I had a chance to run in the 110-meter hurdles, so I could more easily stay warmed up. I have jumped 13-0, so I know I have it in me to get there again; I just have to hope that it warms up and we don’t have the wind like today. I had a good week of practice this week because it was warmer.”

St. John’s junior Spencer Ginter ended up fourth in the boys shot put.

“It feels good to get there. I have been healthy this spring and did throw over 49 feet earlier this spring to set the school mark,” Ginter said. “I have not thrown as well lately, so I need to get my technique down better, especially keeping my hips behind me and snapping at the end. That’s my focus for practice this week; I average 15-20 throws a practice, so I need to fine-tune my technique.”

St. John’s senior Ben Youngpeter long-jumped 19-10 to qualify fourth.

“I jumped OK; I felt my last two jumps were my best but I fouled on both,” he asserted. “The wind can really mess with you mentally and physically; you just have to fight through it and not let it bother you. Today, we started out with a tailwind and that does help you. However, the wind changed direction and came from the side, so you have to make sure you adjust. That’s what I need to do this week; get my reps in and make sure I get everything down better: speed, steps, arm swings, all the little things that go into a good jump. Having the two LCC guys in gives you more incentive because you know you have to do better and I know I can do better.”

Lincolnview’s Hannah McCleery was also fourth in the girls high jump.

“I’m excited to advance. I probably didn’t do my best but it’s all about surviving for another week,” the Lady Lancer sophomore noted. “We’ve worked hard all spring in this weather. It’s a mental attitude that you don’t let this stuff bother you. This week will be the same; I will work hard at practice and see what I can fine-tune for next week to see if I can jumper higher.”

The rest of the finals will start 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

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