September 2, 2014

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Ottoville holds public meeting on Auglaize Street project PDF Print E-mail
Monday, May 20, 2013 11:17 PM


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OTTOVILLE—Village council held a special public meeting on Monday to allow residents an open forum to ask questions about the Auglaize Street construction project.

Mayor Ron Miller was satisfied with the turn-out. He said 10-15 residents attended the meeting and asked an array of questions.

“Everyone got a chance to look it over,” Miller said. “It went over real well.”

Bidding on the project will begin on June 20. The funding for the project will come from a state grant and should be complete by Oct. 15.

“Hopefully we will get the funding by July 1,” Miller detailed. “We’ll award the contract after we get the approval from the state.”

Afterwards, council held their normally scheduled monthly meeting and had a full agenda addressing the razing of the Wannemacher house, selling the old police cruiser and a resolution requesting the renewal of a 1.95-mill tax levy.

The levy will help generate revenue for the general construction fund. Last year, the village took in close to $16,000 through the tax valuation.

“This is one of those levies that just continues to be renewed,” Miller stated.

Council approved the payment for the replacement of four eight-foot-long picnic tables that were damages in last summer’s storm. The $4592.18 price tag will be covered by the insurance claim monies.

Councilman Carl Byrne discussed the traffic issue at the 3-way stop between Walt and East Streets westbound at Albert Street. Residents have expressed concerns about the traffic pattern and want to correct the issue before any incidents occur. Council made a motion and approved placing a stop sign at the intersection for traffic coming into town.

Council addressed some trees that needed to be removed. Councilmen Jerry Markward said that there were a couple of trees close to his house and a Honeylocust in another area that were dead.

“Tony [Langhals] drive through town and find all the dead trees and work with Barry [Koester] to get a list together,” Miller said.

Miller reported on the Wannemacher house, which will be razed sometime this week by Go Green, owned by Tom Miller. He said the asbestos is off and it could be done this weekend.

“Barry has some time this week to haul dirt, Miller detailed. “It would be a good time for it to happen.”

Council addressed the upcoming Fireman’s Convention events and their logistics. The firemen want to use Church Street as a location for their waterball contest during the convention on June 14. They will set up two courts between State Route 224 and Fourth street.

“If it’s OK with all of you [council members], we can give them permission,” Miller stated. “It will be held for 3-4 hours in the afternoon on South Church Street.”

Councilman Tim Rieger asked if the fire trucks will be parked on the street. Miller explained that they will be using fire hydrants and fire trucks will not be parked on the streets.

“Delphos is being really helpful,” Miller detailed. “They are coming over to help set up for the convention.”

Miller stressed that businesses should know what’s going on that weekend.

“Friday will be the big night and by 3 or 4 p.m. on Saturday, everybody leaves town,” Miller said.

Council spoke about some up and coming budget items for next year, which included purchase of more land, storm sewer work in the Bendle Edition, consideration for work on Walt Street, LED street lights and a list of items the Street Supervisor Barry Koester may be in need of.

Councilman Randy Altenburger asked if there will be any additional work on the LED street light project. Miller said he would like to see what the savings are from the street lights already installed and may consider adding more in the fall.

The concrete footers for the entrance signs are poured. The concrete and its delivery were donated by K and L Concrete and the chamber members donated their time to work on the footers.

BPA members, Fire chief Dan Honingford and President Phil Hilvers reported that the new quarry pump by the lift station, which cost $2261, will be delivered by the end of the month.

Honingford reported that the metal fascia and electrical work slated to be completed this year at the Fire Station is almost complete. After removing the old metal fascia, cracks and holes in the walls were found and since, have been repaired. At December’s meeting, council agreed to contribute $25,000 toward the project. The painters will come back and finish the metal walls in the near future.

Council spoke to Honingford about the events during the convention reiterating the need to make all residents in the village aware of the details.

“We’ll go door-to-door and talk to all the residents,” Honingford said. “Let them know what’s going on.”

In new business, the village took bids on the old police cruiser. A total of 3 bids ranging from $200-$250 were received prior to the open bidding during the meeting. The winning bid came from Barry Koester for $250.

The next village council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on June 24.



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