September 1, 2014

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Energy-savings project could save city $250K PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 12:21 AM


DELPHOS — The City of Delphos is looking at significant savings on electricity in the near future.

Safety Service Director Greg Berquist presented options for savings on electricity accounts at the Water and Wastewater Treatment plants during Tuesday’s Utilities Committee meeting called by chair Rick Hanser. Berquist received a snapshot of electric costs per kilowatt hour from broker Aspen Energy from Friday’s markets. American Electric Power’s rate was 9.085 cents compared to the cheapest rate of 5.379 cents. Berquist calculated the two plants would have reduced costs of nearly $250,000 in a year using the cheapest rate.


“This is just a snapshot but in general, electricity costs only fluctuate about a tenth of a cent at a time,” Berquist said.


Options available for going with a broker include a fixed or variable rate and one-, two- or three-year contracts. Berquist has already supplied a sample contract from Aspen to Law Director Clayton Osting, who said the agreement appeared to be standard.

“The mayor and I both agree a fixed rate is a good solutions but the time line for the contract is up to council,” Berquist added.

Committee members and other attending councilmen agreed the contract should be for two years.

Berquist said he will have an ordinance prepared for council to consider at Monday’s regular meeting and will also have the fixed rate. He reminded council the measure would have to be passed on emergency measure to take advantage of the rate presented Monday.

Another project Berquist presented to council was replacing old and outdated lighting at the Wastewater Treatment Plant with T-5 and T-8 bulbs.

“We have a huge amount of lighting at the plant and right now and they’re either all on or all off because it takes time for them to warm up,” he said. “I want to change out quite a few of them and use sensors in areas that don’t see a lot of traffic so the lights are only on if someone is in the room. If they need more light, they can flip a switch.”

Funds for the project will come from a recent AEP grant the city received from another energy-savings project.

“We received $66,000 from AEP in February and we can roll that into this one and perhaps get another rebate from this for a future project,” Berquist said. “I think any savings we can see from this will be worth it.”

The third item on the agenda was street lighting.

“We have just over 600 streets lights in Delphos and just by driving around at night, you can see how many are in alleyways and backyards and parking lots and the city does not need to pay for those. They are not required ,” Berquist said. “We asked the police department to look at the lighting and they came back with 84 lamps they feel can be removed without reducing safety.”

Berquist said the city pays a variety of amounts for street lamps but the average cost is $7 per month per light.


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