August 30, 2014

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Green Thumb Garden Club celebrates its 65th year PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:44 PM



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DELPHOS—The Green Thumb Garden Club members are celebrating their 65th year and looking forward to a season filled with aromatic, profuse flower buds, an array of diversified educational programs and engaging city officials and residents with conservancy projects.


President Judy Jester said that the club has a long-standing tradition within the community and is 65 years old this year. Of the 18 members, the majority have been in the club for decades—some are in their 80’s—and are retired. At this time, the organization is growing and there are second-generation club members joining the ranks.


The club is a member of the Ohio Association of Garden Clubs (OAGC) Region 2, a non-profit organization that promotes interest in knowing, growing, showing and sharing and to encourages youth in the same areas. Jester said the group is very interested in having younger members join and have discussed adding an auxiliary branch that would meet in the evenings.


“We’ve had younger people join, but those who work full-time have difficulty getting to the meetings,” Jester detailed.


They have discussed a variety of conservancy projects including a street tree planting project with goals that would benefit the city. A project of this nature would be a collaborative enterprise with the city carefully planned and designed. They would like to work with an organization or organizations who would donate or offer low-cost smaller caliper trees. “Delphos has always been a tree city,” Jester stated. “It’s an area we can really work on.”


Over the years, Delphos has lost many street trees or they are in decline due to age or an insect infestation. Many Elm, Maple and Ash trees have been lost to diseases like Dutch Elm disease, Maple tree borer and most recently, Emerald Ash Borer. Jester said that the organized effort with the city would help guide residents to re-plant trees in accordance to municipal regulations.


The group is not just about gardening. They promote diversified educational programs and field trips exploring many ecological facets. One topic the members have a keen interest in teaching kids and adults, is the difference between Honeybees and Yellow Jackets.


“People may not know that Yellow Jackets are not really bees, they are wasps,” Jester said.


Vice President Laura Roach explained the each year the group chooses a project to work on. In the recent past, the group has donated landscape to the Delphos Public Library—planted roses around the gazebo—and furnished the labor and plants to beautify the signage at Delphos-Gilmore Reservoir.


“The projects beautify areas of Delphos so people who live here can appreciate them,” Roach said. The members also bring in guest speakers who share personal insights and perspectives on informative topics. In the past, John Nomina spoke on how farmers conserve land. Experts from the county extension office and local people share all kinds of information, like techniques to improve gardens, the kinds of plants their implementing into their gardens and how to deal with environmental issues.


Last year the club was in charge of the Flower and Garden Show at the Allen County Fair, which is a lot of work and must be pre-planned and approved by the Fair Board. During the show, a panel of judges evaluate samples of flowers and arrangements. The grand prize winner last year was Louis Shroufe, who submitted a large Hydrangea flower. “She (Shroufe) kept and dried the flower. We used it as the topper on our Christmas Tree display at the Canal Museum this past year,” Roach said.


Secretary Treasurer Karen Hartman elaborated on the reservoir sign planting and the club’s Christmas tree display at the museum. “We planted tulips and daffodil bulbs, daylilys and low-growing evergreens,” Hartman added. “On the tree display, we use all natural, dried flowers.”


The next meeting will be held from 1-3 p.m. May 20 in the 1st addition at the library. Dessert and beverages will be served. After the meeting, members will carpool together for a short jaunt out of town to tour an extensive residential rose garden. On June 17, the club will hold their meeting from 1-3 p.m. and then travel to Van Wert to tour Louise Hartwig’s gardens.


For additional informational, please contact Judy Jester at 419-692-2913, Laura Roach at 419-692-8351 or Karen Hartman at 419-692-6407.


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