September 2, 2014

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Ottoville Council explores storm sewer options PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 11:52 AM

OTTOVILLE — Village council had a full agenda addressing a new park project, razing of the park house, updates on the Auglaize Street project and selling the old village truck and plow.

The Mayor’s Report included a new park tree project headed by Nick Rode in conjunction with the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts to generate donations from families honoring family members. The trees will be marked with plaques indicating the family and members contributing to the planting. The tree planting will take place in the fall.

“Now, he [Rode] is getting prices together and then lay it out later,” Mayor Ron Miller detailed. “The trees we're looking at is more for height and shade.”

Street Supervisor Barry Koester reported on the Wannemacher house, which will be razed in the near future. He said that Wednesday the asbestos shingles will be removed and after that, the power company will take the power out of the building.

Koester also spoke with council about Asphalt System’s pricing the materials and labor to seal Auglaize Street once the construction is complete. The cost will be $3,200. Other streets are in need of maintenance or repair. Church Street has a 200 foot long crack and is still under the 3-year warranty and the company will take care of the repair. The company charges 78 cents per square foot.

“Fourth and Clay have held up real well, coming up on 6 years,” Koester reported.

Last week, Miller and Brian Goubeaux of Choice One Engineering discussed the Auglaize Street reconstruction project and addressed rectifying drainage problems in the immediate area of construction. This includes redirecting the run-off with outlets and getting the water back to the river or creating a catch basin to absorb the overages.

In the meeting last week, the discussion turned to options for redirecting the storm sewer lines out to State Route 224. Since the alley way is packed with utilities, the plan to go down Fourth Street was ‘scrapped,’ In general, the new plan, which has an estimated $136,000 price tag, is to install a 24-inch flat pipe above the sewer line and run from basin to basin and switch to 18-inch pipe at Third Street and continue up to State Route 224.

“We will tear the existing out and run up to 224,” Goubeaux said. “We don’t want to dig up the laterals that we can’t fix.”

“We need it approved before everything can get underway,” Miller said.

Council member Tony Langhals questioned tearing out the 12-inch system that was installed in recent years.

“Can’t we put another 12-inch pipe next to the existing?’ Langhals asked.

Goubeaux said that they would need to install bigger manholes and chambers to accommodate those design specifications.

“I would think the only money you would save is on pipe,” Goubeaux said. “I’ll check with the guys at work and ask about costing a smaller pipe next to the existing 12-inch pipe.”

Council will advertise bidding after holding a public meeting about the Auglaize Street project from 5:30-7 p.m. on May 20th.

In new business, the village took bids on the old village truck and plow. A total of 13 bids ranging from $1,500 to $5,800 were received prior to the open bidding during the meeting. The winning bid came from Putnam Oil for $6,200.

In last months meeting, BPA member, Fire chief Dan Honingford and President Phil Hilvers reported that a quarry pump by the lift station failed and it will cost close to $2,100 to replace. A new pump, which cost $2261, has been ordered and will be delivered in the near future.

Also, Hilvers explained to council that there was a need to address communications between Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Manager Steve Wittler, Barry Koester and Chad Knippen.

“We need to get some guidelines or direction,” Hilvers said.

“You want someone down there for so many hours?” Miller questioned. “The guys don’t go down there unless we need them.”

Hilvers explained that Koester and Chad have to get some hands-on experience and get acquainted with the system in order for them to run the plant in case of an emergency or if Steve is on vacation. Knippen has expressed an interest in taking classes geared and acquiring the license toward educating him with working at the plant.

“If Chad will go for a license, we want to help him,” Miller said.

The Public Utilities Committee is planning a meeting to work with the village employees and remedy the situation.

Additionally, Honingford ask council’s permission to use the Wannemacher house as a site for search and rescue and fire hose advancement training The training will be held strictly on the outside of the building and take place this weekend.


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