August 22, 2014

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Ottoville honors class visits GM Foundry PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:16 PM

On April 10, the Honors Calculus class at Ottoville High School took a tour of the GM Foundry in Defiance.
The class earned the money to go on the tour through a grant from Target. In order to get the grant, the students worked together to write an essay on why they deserved the trip and how it would benefit them. They decided to go to the GM Foundry, because many of the calculus students want to go on and pursue a career in engineering.

While at the foundry, they were led on a tour by Ted Herman, a resident of Ottoville and an electrical engineer at GM.
Herman showed the class the different processes used for making the engine castings and some of the measures the plant has used to become more efficient over the years. The class was very impressed by these processes and how quickly and efficiently each robot and person responsible for them has to work.
Students also met up with other Ottoville community members, including Rick Boecker, Mike Basinger and Mark Schnipke. Basinger and Schnipke are on the safety team at the foundry and discussed the importance of safety in the plant. Mark discussed the importance of education and his role in managing the pre-machining division at the plant.

The class and its teacher, Aaron Verhoff, appreciated how informative and helpful everyone was. The tour was a great experience and encouraged the students to pursue careers in engineering. The class would like to express special thanks to Herman for his help in scheduling, planning and spending his time with the class on the tour. The students would also like to thank all the engineers who took time out of their day to offer their knowledge and experiences with the class. Finally, they would like to thank Target for the grant and GM for allowing them to visit their world-class facility.


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