August 30, 2014

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City talks water, trash PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:35 AM


DELPHOS — Water and trash were the hot topics at the Delphos City Council meeting Monday.

Following council’s approval, the city will apply for a low-interest 20-year Department of Environmental and Financial Assistance loan for $36,000 of $54,000 needed to complete a Gressel Drive Water Loop project in the near future.

The estimated cost for the installing the loop for improved water quality and fire protection was $144,000. The bids came in at $54,000, including engineering, with $36,000 going to Fenton Contracting LLC of Fort Jennings, the lowest bidder for the construction portion of the project.

The loop will tie into the main water line in Heritage Meadows.

Safety Service Director Greg Berquist told council the work on the clearwells at Waterworks Park is done. Peterson Construction completed Phase II of the Water Treatment Plant By-Pass Improvement Project last week.

Phase II included bidding ($3,500), construction administration ($3,000) and construction observation ($4,300). Total construction is estimated to cost $247,000, with a Community Development Block Grant covering $194,500.

The project fixes a bottleneck between the clearwells and the water plant and the improvements will increase the city’s capacity to provide water.

The clearwells are used for chlorine contact for water before it is moved to the upground tanks for distribution. The clearwells are currently connected so water has to go through all three before becoming available to move to the tanks. Part of the project will also include separating the clearwells so they can be used individually as well. This will also make it possible to put more water into the tanks in a shorter period of time.

Cass Street residents will also see their water improve in the near future. Berquist announced he attended a preconstruction meeting last week and All Purpose Contracting, Inc., the contractor for the project, will start as soon as an inserta valve is obtained. The work is expected to take 3-4 days.

The project bid came in at $34,828, nearly $10,000 under the projected project cost.

Trash along Elida Road entering the Delphos city limits was discussed. Berquist said that while the property is not owned by the city, it is the first thing people see when entering the municipality from that direction.

“The property was rated a ‘5’ by the county and that’s the worst condition possible,” Berquist said. “We have sent letters to the businesses and restaurants in that area to be better stewards of the dumpsters and we’ve found they have others using them who are not supposed to and leaving them open.”

Berquist suggested they city ask the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to send over several inmates to pick up trash as long as the property owner is agreeable.

Councilman Rick Hanser said the Boy Scouts had cleaned the area in the past but it is a high-traffic area and that was no longer a viable option.

“People use those business and restaurant dumpsters as their own personal dumps,” Hanser said. “That area looks terrible and even after it has been cleaned it only takes a few days for it to start looking bad again.”

Councilman Jim Fortener agreed.

“I am ashamed. Everyone drives down that road and just flings stuff out their windows. We need to find some solution,’” Fortener said. “I know locking the dumpsters will be a pain for the owners, especially those who use them more than once a day.”

Council also approved on emergency measure an ordinance approving the minutes of the Allen County Tax Incentive Review Council so tax abatement agreements for Vanamatic (final year) and K&M Tire/Langhals Enterprises LLC (second year) can be continued. The ordinance will be passed along to the Allen County Commissioners who will give the final approval on the abatements.


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0 #1 2013-04-16 17:03
someone or organization could put a sort of catchfence up along that property. people around here support other needs why not this.

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