August 21, 2014

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Celina policeman shoots and kills armed man PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, April 11, 2013 12:45 PM

CELINA — A St. Mary’s man is dead after being shot by a Celina Police officer around 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

According to Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey, a person phoned 911 to report a man with a gun near East Livingston Street in southeastern Celina. He was described as shirtless, wearing shorts, flip-flops and a cowboy hat and was seen drawing a gun from his shorts, waving it around, then putting it back in his shorts.
Celina Police caught up with the man at the intersection of Vine and Market streets in the parking lot of Lake Shore Motor Sales. At that point, shots were fired and the man, 39-year-old Robert Hensley, was hit. The officer, Patrolman Andy Regedanz, a 12-year veteran, was not injured.

Regedanz immediately called for a Celina squad which transported Hensley to Mercer Health. Hensley died from his injuries at the hospital.
Celina Police requested the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office to take over the investigation. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is also involved in the case.

According to Grey, further details will not be made public until all the investigative work has been wrapped up.
“Nothing else will be released as he integrity of the investigation needs to be preserved,” Grey stated. “As soon as the investigation is completed, results will be released.”


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