September 3, 2014

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Monday, April 08, 2013 9:35 AM

Over the last few years, I have spoken about various stamp designs used by the US Postal Service. Commemorative stamps are exactly what their name implies – they are designed to commemorate an important person, place or thing. With the advent of personal computers and printers that can print the minutest detail, individuals have been able to design their own postage stamps. is a place to go to upload your individual designs or to find designs that have already been done for someone else. These designs are not copyright protected so you can request for Zazzle to print yours or a previously uploaded design. You wouldn’t believe what you might find.

When I was working for the post office, I couldn’t count the times I heard, “What do you have in a pretty stamp?” You don’t have to wait for the Advisory Committee to recommend production of your favorite image; just think of the possibilities. On the Zazzle site you will find Baby Shower stamps, Wedding Invitation stamps, RSVP stamps or Save The Date stamps. They even had a section of Easter stamps and Jewish stamps (what a hoot). One series of stamps that I found on the site was concerning parts of Colonial Williamsburg. There are numerous designs available- from the formal gardens of the Governor’s Palace to the quaint scene of a colonial farmhouse. So why am I talking about stamps of Williamsburg, VA? I am glad you asked.

On Sept. 28, 2013, MPH Tours will be leading a six day – five night trip to Colonial Williamsburg. This trip will have everything history, art, musical presentations, greyhound racing, a casino, and fine dining. If you are 62 years of age or older, we will also arrange for you to receive a Lifetime Pass for free entrance to our National Parks system. But let me get to the details of the trip

We will leave Delphos early on Saturday morning. As we travel through Wheeling WV on our way to the beautiful Skyline Drive along the ridge of the Shenandoah National Park we’ll stop at Wheeling Island for lunch, a chance to try a game or two of chance, and maybe some racing.

The next part of our trip will be as we travel down one of the most spectacular views of Fall foliage. We will be staying in a hotel that faces out onto the mountains. If time permits we’ll take a peek into the P. Buckley Moss Museum. With any luck the artist might be there since her studio is just a couple of miles away. Dinner and a relaxing walk afterwards should round out the evening.

The next morning, we will head to the Monticello Visitor’s Center and then on to the mansion and grounds built by Thomas Jefferson. We’ll stroll the grounds and then head to the famous Michie Tavern for a fine Southern Hospitality meal. The Inn was built in the late 1700s and offers some of the finest food in the area. Then it is off to Williamsburg, the colonial city of many our forefathers. We’ll check into our suites and take an orientation ride around the outskirts of this colonial city.

Monday morning, we’ll start at the visitor’s center just a mile from our hotel. Enjoy a movie featuring Jack Lord that sets the stage for the time of the Revolution. From here, you will board the shuttle to the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. Your pass will allow you to visit all that this city has to offer. Choose from guided tours, walking tours, self-guided tours, visit hundreds of different venues sit in a pew at the Bruton Parish Church-you can almost hear Patrick Henry saying “Give me liberty or give me death.”

During our three-plus days in Virginia, we’ll travel to Jamestown with optional tours to Busch Gardens. As you know, this is just the highlights we’ll be enjoying evening entertainment with dinners in many of the colonial inns. We’ll head for home on Thursday, October 3rd.

All this can be yours for the right price of just $979 per person double occupancy. Oh I almost forgot, Jorge will be our personal driver for our entire trip. The first 54 people to send me a check for $200 per person will take this magic carriage ride back in time. It is all up to you. All reservations and deposits must be received by June 15th with final payment by July 20. Six days – five nights – you will not find another package like it anywhere. Call for more information: 419-303-5482.


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