August 28, 2014

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K of C names finalists in Patrioic Essay contest PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 11:29 AM

The following are the top three of the Knights of Columbus “My View of Patriotism” essays chosen from among 87 entries from nine area schools.

Tricia Warnecke
Delphos St. John’s High School
Just as each person is made unique, the concept of patriotism is a very unique thing in and of itself. To me, patriotism is what defines a country and makes it stand out as being irreplaceable. Each country’s citizens have their own perception of why their country is among the greatest, and this confidence and positivity is what helps a nation thrive. Each citizen portrays patriotism when they speak of why their country is the best, and therefore patriotism is the root of the positive, determined mindset behind every great country. Without the positivity and determination of our forefathers, the United States would never have become the world leader it is today, nor would it be one of the most patriotic nations across the world.

Renee Karhoff
Columbus Grove High School
Patriotism is defined as the devotion of love, support and defense of one’s country. My view of patriotism is very strong after what happened on September 11, 2001. Patriotism to me means to be proud of your country. It means to be thankful for the freedoms that men sacrificed their lives for, so individuals could have a better future. Many people take America for granted and do not realize the precious rights and freedoms we are allowed. To have patriotism means to show devotion and love to your country. To wear the name of your country proud across your chest and be honored and blessed to say “I’m an American, and I love my country more than anything. So God Bless the USA!”

Scott Turner
Van Wert High
Patriotism- the sense of devotion to one’s country. We’ve seen the word written- be it on walls, on television, or in textbooks- but, really, do we fully grasp the deep, sacred connotation of the word? To best convey my understanding and indeed appreciation of “patriotism,” I do not consult a textbook or a dictionary; rather, I reflect on this land we call the United States of America. I reflect on this wonderful, free country, its liberty-endowed citizens, and the moral, God-based framework upon which it was consecrated. I reflect on and relish in the fact that we, the people, are granted the right to live freely, safely, and independently. That appreciation- that incomparable, unwavering love- that is patriotism.


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