August 20, 2014

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Down with Gonzaga! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, March 28, 2013 11:32 AM

How many NCAA men’s basketball brackets has this upstart Florida Gulf Coast spoiled, debased and besmirched?

How about those razza-frazzing nazzatrap (all of you who remember that great American philosopher, Yosemite Sam, will know what this reference is!) Gonzaga Bulldogs.

I drank the Bulldog Kool-Aid, thinking this may be the year they break this “when we’re underdogs, we play Cinderella - when we’re favored, we choke” string.
Attack me with a pea shooter!

Personally, I blame the referees, Mark Few, society, the NCAA and the United Nations for this outrage!

I digress.

The story of this NCAA tournament is the high-flying, dunkmeister, having-a-ton-of-fun-doing-it Eagles, the first 15th seed to ever make the Sweet Sixteen.

I am sure their players have been asked the question multiple times — til they’re ready to pull out their hair and bay at the moon: can you be the first 15th seed to make the Elite Eight?

To borrow an answer from NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when asked if his Lakers could repeat in the 1980s, they should have answered “we’re the only ones that can!”

With state nemesis Florida up next at The Temple … uh, Cowboys Stadium … I don’t know if they can get this done but in this season of major parity, why not?
Florida was certainly the best team in the SEC all season long but the SEC was generally down.

An addendum here: wouldn’t you hate to be as down as the Big Ten is — as Sir Charles Barkley claimed? They only have four of the Sweet Sixteen and do not be surprised if at least two punch  their  tickets  to  the Final Four.

I don’t always agree with Barkley but I usually like his candor and frankness; he does say things that most analysts only think but would never DARE to speak.

If he believes that the Big Ten is down, so be it. He’s just plain wrong here.

What I thought was funny was when he interviewed the FGC coach and asked “where the —— is Florida Gulf Coast?”
Talk about a “no-name” team!

Oh, by the way, LaSalle is having a “nice” tournament as a 13th seed — but that isn’t VERY important!!! Is it?

I wonder what will really happen in the next few weeks of NASCAR?

You had the confrontation between Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano two weeks ago at Bristol — with Hamlin spinning Logano — and then it occurred again last week at Fontana, with Hamlin ending up in the wall and suffering a fractured vertebra in his back that likely will keep him out six weeks.

I know NASCAR wanted to get the fans back to the races but …

I don’t pretend to know if these incidents were simply hard racing or if the simmering feud between these two that has been there for a while boiled over and clouded their judgement.

Do I think they intentionally tried to hurt one another? Unlikely. One, I think that there is an unspoken respect for a fellow driver and, two, what goes around comes around. You put someone into a wall and unless you are a select few — a VERY select few — someone will do so to you.

That someone may be Tony Stewart, in this case.

That was pretty good … “poetry” — everything rhymed with “creep” — that “Smoke” delivered to the media post-race, after his physical confrontation with “the punk” and “little rich kid” when the two had to be separated.

Fortunately, the drivers have two weeks to cool off but I am not totally convinced this is over.

We shall see.

UCLA is once again looking for the next John Wooden.

The Bruins’ brass fired Ben Howland Monday after 10 years at the helm with a pretty good — but not good enough for the storied men’s basketball program — 233-107 mark.

They have been searching for another Wizard of Westwood since “The Original” retired in 1975.

He got them to three straight Final Fours in 2006-08 but that was “ancient” history — wasn’t that when the dinosaurs were pups?

They have chased away many a good coach that “wasn’t good enough”; at the same time, after having a few one-and-doners and not getting the athletes he should have been able to, he had allowed the program to be roiled in controversy, have other players up and leave and left himself with a not-very-deep roster in an area and state that is ripe with talent.

Part of that was his style — it sure as heck wasn’t Wooden’s fast-paced style but was more of a slog, slower-tempo, beat-them-down-with-a-club affair until this year.

I wonder who they are looking for?

Perhaps it was Shaka Smart from VCU but he is staying put.


Maybe Geno Auriemma was in the running, that they could convince him to come from UConn, but he just re-upped a deal.

There might be a few others but I might have to hold my nose at a couple!

Howland was the first and Minnesota followed suit in firing Tubby Smith.

He won’t be the last.

Not many jobs where you are hired to be fired!


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