August 20, 2014

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Saturday, March 23, 2013 1:41 AM

There were several dicey items in the news this week.

The Steubenville rape trial was rather disturbing. I followed the case a little and found the whole thing a wake-up call. We are teaching our children to be callous toward their fellow human beings. We are losing our compassion - our empathy. We are losing what makes us human; what separates us from all other mammals.

Others stood by as a young woman was dragged from party to party and assaulted and videoed (went viral) and photographed (shared a lot). Not a single person tried to stop what was happening. No one stepped forward and said this is wrong. They used their smart phones and shared and tweeted and made the poor girl’s experience public and more humiliating and more horrifying.

Theories support the mentality of her fellow partiers. When there are numbers of bystanders, no one does anything because they think someone else will or that it must not be that bad if no one does. Everyone is waiting around to see what everyone else is going to do so no one does anything.

After she was violated and degraded, then some were upset with her because her attackers were football players. It’s a football town and the people were crazy about their football team. They were heroes. They were just boys being boys. Aw shucks, they were just havin’ a little fun. They didn’t know it was wrong.

And that’s what got me the most. “They didn’t know it was wrong.”

How is that possible?

If you’re not familiar with the case do a little Googling and catch up and come back and we’ll talk.

If our teens are this disconnected what is our future? Are they so desensitized they can’t see how horrific and heart-wrenching this case is? How did such a cruel and degrading act become something that’s OK. They posted pictures of it like it was Grumpy Cat or whatever.

I don’t know any woman who has heard this and not shuddered at the thought of what happened to that girl. None of the girls who witnessed something at those parties that night came forward. Now it has been reported the victim and her family are being harassed through the same media that help convict her rapists.

Just saying the word is uncomfortable.

If it hadn’t been recorded in some manner, the victim may have never reported it. Those young men and their peers would still think it’s OK. Some still do.
Social media has proven to be a double-edged sword - it taketh and it giveth. It’s a blessing and a curse.

We obviously need to have our young people put down their phones and other gadgets for a second and plug back in to their families, their role models and their support systems. We need to have them look us in the eye and we need to make sure they get it because right now, they aren’t batting an eyelash.


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