September 2, 2014

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League of Women Voters holds healthcare forum PDF Print E-mail
Friday, March 22, 2013 11:49 AM

LIMA — Healthcare has become an important issue in our state due to recent changes that have taken place, especially with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The League of Women Voters of the Lima Area (LWV) does their best to provide information and educate the public about important issues. On Thursday, LWV held a forum to discuss the important topic of healthcare and how it is affecting our communities.

“Healthcare is one of those things that we have heard a lot about from the political side but not really from anyone else,” said Mary Wilkin, LWV board member.
Wilkin said that holding the forum on healthcare allows professionals in the Lima area to share their perspective on the recent changes. A panel that consisted of two Lima physicians and two insurance agents were available for questions and to share their views on the current healthcare plans. The panel has varied views of the U.S. healthcare system and how consumers can best navigate their way through the changing system.

Lima physicians Dr. Susan Hubbell, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a member of the Lima/Allen County Academy of Medicine, and Dr. Wilfred Ellis, infectious disease specialist and chair of the Rhodes State College Board of Trustees, attended to share their knowledge and add to the discussion at the forum.
“Both of the physicians have different views on the healthcare system. One is more conservative than the other,” said Wilkin. She felt it was important to have the two different perspectives on the panel so people have a chance to see different sides.

Wilkin also spoke about the importance of knowing insurance coverages and how it has changed. “It depends on each individual, my employer for example has increased the wellness points I need to have in order to receive a discount on my premium,” she said.

The healthcare field has seen many changes, not only in regulations but technology too. “We have been seeing a lot of changes in healthcare. For instance, medical records are now computerized, which is great because if you are in an accident and transferred to a hospital, they are able to get your records quickly. However, it can leave some people worried about who has access to their records,” said Wilkins.

Randee Henson, agent with Stolly Insurance of Lima, and Deborah Steele, statewide advocacy coordinator for the Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio (UHCAN Ohio), also sat on the panel at the forum to share important information about the current plans.

“One insurance agent comes from a place where they see people on a regular basis, and the other deals with insurance on a national standpoint,” said Wilkin.
LWV holds many events throughout the year such as this one. They are part of a national, non-partisan organization founded in 1920 that encourages citizens to take an active and informed role in government.

The LWV is a grassroots organization where its members are the decision-makers. It is considered political because Leagues take action on a wide variety of governmental issues on a national, state and local level. However, it is considered non-partisan because the organization does not support candidates or parties. The LWV only supports issues after a thorough study which concludes in an analysis of the results.



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I don't want illegals here,i don't want to pay one dime for their survival.I don't want to pay for Obama's,congress's,judges,or anyone else's.They need their wages cut,health care done away with,and their retirement gone.Public service means no insider trading,retirem ent,or health care.hang em high

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