August 21, 2014

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Window to the Past - Delphos to get all the American Road Plants PDF Print E-mail
Monday, March 18, 2013 9:09 AM

Company proposes to build mammoth plant in this city. Will spend $200,000 in improvements or forfeit lease - large number of homes to be built here.

“The biggest proposition which has yet come before the people of Delphos” was the unanimous opinion of those who attended the Community meeting which was held at the Commercial club rooms for the purpose of considering the proposed enlargement of the American Road Machinery company’s plant in Delphos.

This company is now making Delphos an offer so much larger and better than was ever thought possible that our people will be more than ever willing to do all in their power to bring this improvement to our city.

Are we willing to add from 400 to 450 more workers, at good pay, to the number of those already employed here.

The first proposition which this company advanced, was the moving of their Ft. Wayne plant to Delphos. This would have meant the addition of 50 or 60 workers to their payroll here. Up to Tuesday, no one in this city hoped for anything larger than this at the present time. And then came the surprise.

At the meeting Tuesday afternoon and again at the evening meeting, the representatives of the company placed an entirely new proposition before our people. They now propose to move all their plants to Delphos. This, of course, would not be accomplished at once but it is their aim to eventually consolidate all of their factories and Delphos has been selected as that place.

The question of completing the campaign for funds to provide the $20,000 as the city’s portion of the expense of the improvement was discussed.

(This company was situated just south of the waterworks park. R.H.)

Delphos Herald July 30, 1919


Price Slaughter Startles Community

One of Pangles five markets is scene of notorious price murder. Atrocities draw curious throngs on community-wide proportions. From all sections of the surrounding areas they flock to the scene of the crime.

Several housewives were interviewed at the scene of the crime. Said one, “This is the most wonderful display of violence I’ve ever seen.” Said another, “This is the kind of slaughter we girls go for. Already I’ve saved money by heading to Pangles.” Husbands too, were on hand to see how their wives were saving. “Hey,” said a husband, “My paycheck really gets a break here. These Pangles must be married men, too.”


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