August 27, 2014

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Monday, January 28, 2013 11:18 AM


According to the 1965 Parish Census of Delphos St. John’s Catholic Church; Herman Bernard Recker arrived in Delphos in 1846. His birthplace was listed as Plantlunne, Hannover, Germany. Herman was born 18 January 1819. He passed away 3 November 1883.

Johann Heinrich, the patriarch of the Putnam County Reckers came to this country as early as 1838. He was accompanied by his wife, Anna Linckemeyer Racker, their oldest son, Gerhard Heinrich, along with his wife, Anna Marie and four of their children.


Other sons of Johann and Anna Recker came to America earlier. Herman Henry Recker came in the year 1832 and some descendants of the fifth child, Johann Heinrich Ludwig “Louis” claim he came to the United States in 1828. The second child, J. H. Redecker immigrated in 1832/33. J. H. Redecker from “Ostercapee” appears on the passenger list of the ship “Charles Ferdinand”, which arrived in Baltimore on 30 September 1833. The party included three adults and three children, ages 4-8, 1-4 and under 1. This is believed to have been John H. Christopher Recker.


Two outstanding family histories have been done on the Reckers. Jeanette (Mrs. Richard) Laudick of Ottawa wrote and compiled The Recker Connection in America”. She was assisted in research by Mary Lou Hermiller.

Maryalice Davey (Mrs. Charles) finished “Reflecting on Our Heritage” in 2011. She compiled this manuscript about Herman Bernard Recker, his wife, Maria Gertrude Hemker and their descendants.

Both books are very interesting and informative. The authors, Jeanette and Maryalice have not been able to find the connection between the two families, although both came from the same general area near Osnabruck, in northern Germany.

Let’s begin with Johann Heinrich Recker and his wife Anna Linckemeyer Recker, who arrived on the bark, “Pennsylvania” in the port of Baltimore, Maryland on 12 September 1838. The ship passenger list included eight in the Redeker group: Redeker, Jon Heinrich age 69, Anna Marie age 67, Gerh. Hinr. Age 43, Anna Marie age 38, Marie Elisabeth age 16, Marie Engle age 12, Anna Marie age 8 and Clara age 3yrs, 6 months. Their last permanent address was listed as Hitzhausen.

With their arrival; the entire family had come to the new country. Johann Heinrich and Anna Linckemeyer Recker were known for sure to have eight children. The author stated that the possibility exists that there may have been another son and another daughter. Nothing definite has been found to connect them with the family but their birthdays do fit in.

Jeanette divided her book into an introduction and a chapter for each of the known eight children: A – Gerhard Heinrich, 1797 or 1798 – 1856; B – Johan Heinrich Christopher, 1799 – 1890; C – Nicholas Heinrich “Klaus” – 1800 to _____; D – Anna Maria (Mary) Recker Moening – 1801 – 1880; E – Johan Heinrich Ludwig “Louis” 1805 – 1884; F – Bernard Gerhard 1808 – 1879; G – Johann Andreas 1809 – 1882 and H – Herman Heinrich 1816 – 1884.

The earliest Recker records were in the Catholic Church in Ostercappeln. The ancestors of Johan Heinrich were: First Generation: Joan Henrick Reker and Anna Margaretha Luebbeker; Second Generation: Johan Heinrich Recker and Anna Eidtman/Catharina A. Clasing; Third Generation: Heinrich Recker and Anna Maria Holtgreve along with Johan Heinrich Recker and Anna Maria Linckemeyer as the fourth generation.

Johann Heinraich Redecker/Recker and Anna Maria Linckemeyer were married 18 July 1799 in Germany.

Notice the spelling variations of Recker in Germany and America: Redeker, Redecker, Reker, Raker, Radeker, Reckes and Rotger.

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