August 20, 2014

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Marion Township Trustees PDF Print E-mail
Friday, January 25, 2013 2:02 PM

The Marion Township Trustees met on Jan. 14 at the Marion Township office with the following members present: Jerry Gilden, Joseph Youngpeter and Howard Violet.

The purpose of the meeting was to pay bills and conduct ongoing business. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as read.

President Jerry Gilden then turned the meeting over to Fiscal Officer Kimmet, who asked for nominations for president for the 2013 year. Trustee Violet nominated Trustee Youngpeter, which was seconded by Trustee Gilden. There being no further nominations, a vote was taken with all votes “YES”.

Fiscal Officer Kimmet then turned the meeting over to the new president, who asked for nomination for vice-president. Trustee Gilden nominated Trustee Violet which was seconded by Trustee Youngpeter. There being no further nomination a vote was taken with all votes being “YES”.

Trustee Gilden made a motion to keep the trustee meetings at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month unless otherwise re-scheduled.

The trustees then reviewed the bills and gave approval for 20 checks totaling $27,008.83.

Road Foreman Elwer advised the trustees the Annual Inventory for 2013 was completed and filed with the county and gave them a copy of it.

He told the trustees there was numerous water issues due to the recent rain both on county and township roads and he will get with the county where needed .

Kimmet gave the trustees the Fund Status and the Bank Reconciliation Reports for Dec. 31 to review and sign.

He advised the trustees that all year-end reports for 2012 have been completed and filed where necessary and a notice will be published in the paper for the 2012 Annual Financial Report.

He gave the trustees copies of the Certificate of Total Sources available for Expenditures and Balances, the Revenue Status Report and the 2013 Appropriations for their review and asked for a resolution accepting the appropriation as presented.

Trustee Violet offered the resolution which was seconded by Trustee Gilden and will be in the resolution section 73 and will be part of these minutes.

He then gave the Trustees the purchase orders and the blank certificates needed for 2013 to review and sign.

He read a letter from the Allen County Recorder’s Office regarding any changes in zoning within the township for 2012 and the trustees ask him to send the necessary paper needed according to the ORC.

He advised the trustee that he has successfully converted the townships software system over to the new software provided by the state.
There being no further business a motion by Trustee Gilden to adjourn was seconded by Trustee Violet and passed unanimously.


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