September 1, 2014

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Monday, January 21, 2013 11:14 AM


Inauguration is upon us again. Hope springs again with all the pageantry, parades and balls. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for better times ahead.

I haven’t been writing much the past year. My youngest decided to have a “destination” wedding and it seemed like every moment away from work was spent worrying about that. (And trust me…the worrying made all the difference in the world.)

But I have been looking back on the comparisons between politics, elections, inaugurations and wedding plans and they have quite a lot in common.

Wedding: You get the call. “Mom I’m getting married!” So we put all our plans on hold…vacations, remodeling… A party has to be planned. The excitement is unbelievable. You can’t wait to spread the news.

Politics: The candidates are announced. Choices abound. We are excited to hear every word about what will be happening, who will do what and what the future holds.

Wedding: As soon you begin your wedding planning, the choices become tougher and you get confused and frustrated trying to make decisions. You just want to please everyone.

Politics: I got confused and irritated in trying to make my decision. It seems like all the candidates are out to please EVERYONE because that is the key to being elected.

Wedding: You look at your check book and think “Why are we paying this much for some chicken and potatoes..?”

Politics: I look at my check book and say “Why are we paying this much for chicken and potatoes.”

Wedding: The calls are seemingly endless to the caterer, the wedding planner, the hotel and DJ. I know they are tired of me asking a zillion questions that probably a thousand people have asked before. BUT I NEED ANSWERS.

Politics: I know they are tired of us asking a zillion questions. BUT I NEED ANSWERS.

Wedding: The final emails and calls are flying as the big wedding day approaches. I dread looking at my email and hearing the phone ring again, wondering who needs what or what needs to go where.

Politics: I dread looking in my mailbox and hearing the phone ring.

Wedding: The wedding day has come. Lots of love for my daughter and her new hubby! Lots of hope, lots of happiness! Can things get any better than seeing their bright future?

Politics: The big day has come. The choice has been made. We all look to catch a glimpse of that brighter future.

Day after wedding: Just relieved it is all over and hope to get back to life. It’s then you realize things haven’t really changed for Bob and I. We will get back to our work and our lives. We have faith that the man we have entrusted with our daughter’s future realizes what a treasure he has.

Politics: Just relieved it is all over and hoping for a change. May the man we have trusted with our future realize what a treasure he has.


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