September 3, 2014

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St. John’s, Elida, Grove split wrestling super-tri PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, January 09, 2013 1:50 PM

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ELIDA — Elida hosted a four-team super-tri wrestling match Monday night involving St. John’s, Columbus Grove and Lima Central Catholic, along with the host Bulldogs, at the Elida Gymnasium.

All four teams won one match and lost one.

The Blue Jays bested the Grove Bulldogs 39-31 and the Thunderbirds barely edged Elida 34-30 as Jack Huffman defeated senior Nickoli Sackinger 7-5 in overtime in the final match, the 195-pound category.

In the second round, the host Bulldogs got by the Jays 40-33, while Grove knocked off LCC 39-28.

St. John’s head coach Derek Sterling liked a lot of what he saw.

“We’ll see Grove a couple more times down the road and in the tournament, so any time you can get matches with them is good. We were competitive with both of our matches; not bad when you consider we’re giving away 24-30 points each team match because of voids,” Sterling said. “We’re moving some people in and out: Luke (Wrasman) is in the process of dropping weight to 160. Will (Buettner) beat the Allen County champion at 182, Tyler Smith. That was a big win for him because Smith was 23-1. We lost a couple of times when our guys had beaten their guy earlier but we definitely improved a lot, especially with conditioning. We’re catching up in that area to others.
“Any matches against district-level competition makes you nothing but better.”

Elida head coach F. Kevin Bowers is simply looking for more matches for all of his guys.

“We have some studs, like Nick Pauff, Nickoli Sackinger, Blaine Hunter, that we’re just wanting to get more matches. That is what these super-tris do; give you that opportunity,” Bowers added. “We also have a lot of young and inexperienced guys that we’re also looking to get more matches. We’ve got a lot of freshmen and sophomore throughout the lineup that need the matches. We also have 15 wrestlers for 14 weight categories, so we are struggling with numbers. I appreciate the job that our middle school guys: Brady Overholt and Matt Dunahay. We have good numbers down there and I am hoping we can keep those numbers.”
Despite the split, Grove head coach Eric “Ernie” Siefker was not a happy camper.

“We spent a lot of time with our eyes looking up at the ceiling; we gave up way too many pins. We had our eyes opened tonight,” he explained. “We will have to start at square one. We found out how much we need to work.”
Next up for Columbus Grove is a road match at Riverdale 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Elida hosts Defiance, Shawnee and Bath in a Western Buckeye League super-tri starting 6 p.m. Thursday.
St. John’s is next in the Gene Kimmet Pool Tournament at Tiffin Calvert starting 10 a.m. Saturday.

106: Tregg Keysor (C), void.
113: Double void.
120: Evan Mohler (S) pinned Garrett Hauenstein, 1:50.
126: Isaac Siefker (C), void.
132: Justin Siefker (S) pinned Eli Schroeder, 2:53.
138: Alex Haunhorst (S) pinned Christian Stechschulte, 2:39.
145: Austin Martin (S) pinned Tyler Schroeder, 4:47.
152: Wes Buettner (S) dec. Andrew Burgei 11-5.
160: Alec Gladwell (C) major dec. Derek Anthony 14-5.
170: Brandon Benroth (C) dec. Luke Wrasman 6-3.
182: Will Buettner (S) pinned Adam Johnson, 2:14.
195: Will Selhorst (C), void.
220: Eli Wiswasser (C), void.
285: Nate Schroeder (SJ) pinned Alex Shaffer, 1:20.

106: Blaine Hunter (E), void.
113: Double void.
120: Dakotah Rolfe (E), void.
126: Austin Arbogast (E), void.
132: Cameron Hahn (L), void.
138: Brandon McCormick (L) dec. Nick Pauff 8-6.
145: Jared Eley (L) pinned Christian McCarthy, 2:20.
152: Jake Tremoulis (L) pinned Micah Hartman, 1:06.
160: Tyler Garcia (L) major dec. Isaac Nicols 8-0.
170: Bobby Sunderhaus (L), void.
182: Tyler Smith (E), void.
195: Jack Huffman (L) dec. Nickoli Sackinger 7-5 (OT).
220: Jordan Rothermel (E), void.
285: Double void.

106: Blaine Hunter (E), void.
113: Double void.
120: Dakotah Rolfe (E) pinned Evan Mohler, 2:37.
126: Austin Arbogast (E), void.
132: Nick Pauff (E) pinned Justin Siefker, 2:26.
138: Alex Haunhorst (S) pinned Christian McCarthy, 1:47.
145: Austin Martin (S), void.
152: Wes Buettner pinned Micah Hartman, 1:08.
160: Isaac Nichols major dec. Derek Anthony 18-8.
170: Luke Wrasman (S), void.
182: Will Buettner (S) dec. Tyler Smith 6-4.
195: Nickoli Sackinger (E), void.
220: Jordan Rothermel (E), void.
285: Nate Schroeder (S), void.

106: Tregg Keysor (C), void.
113: Double void.
120: Garrett Hauenstein (C), void.
126: Isaac Siefker (C), void.
132: Cameron Hahn (L) pinned Eli Schroeder, :32.
138: Brandon McCormick (L) pinned Christian Stechschulte, 1:38.
145: Jared Eley (L) dec. Tyler Schroeder 12-6.
152: Jake Tremoulis (L) major dec. Andrew Burgei 19-7.
160: Alec Gladwell (C) dec. Tyler Garcia 12-5.
170: Bobby Sunderhaus (L) dec. Brandon Benroth 8-4.
182: Adam Johnson (C), void.
195: Jack Huffman (L) pinned Will Selhorst, 3:04.
220: Eli Wiswasser (C), void.
285: Alex Shaffer (C), void.


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