September 2, 2014

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Delphos Public Library to offer eBooks soon PDF Print E-mail
Monday, January 07, 2013 9:44 AM


We hope everyone had a nice, safe holiday season this year. The library is wrapping up another challenging, but busy year. By the end of the month patrons should have the capability of borrowing e-books from our library. This will be a big change to the library and its staff. In the meantime, if there is a particular title of book, movie, or music CD that you would like and we do not own it, please don’t hesitate to ask staff to interlibrary loan the material for you.



9 new DVD titles were added to our collection this month:

The Amazing Spider-Man

Bourne Legacy

The Dark Knight Rises

Hope Springs

Men In Black 3


Santa Paws 2


12 Christmas Wishes For My Dog



Bone River – Megan Chance

In the mid-19th century, Leonie Russell works alongside her husband, Junius, an oysterman in the Washington Territory. At night she continues her father’s lifelong obsession — collecting artifacts and studying the native culture that once thrived in the area. On her thirty-seventh birthday, Leonie discovers a mummy protruding from a riverbank — a mummy that by all evidence shouldn’t exist. As Leonie searches for clues to the mummy’s origins, she begins to feel a strangely mystical connection to it. When Junius’s long-lost son, Daniel, appears one day, a native elder insists that Leonie wear a special shell bracelet for protection. But protection from whom? The mummy or, perhaps Daniel?


Dead Weight – Susan Rogers Cooper

When Berta Harris of E.J. Pugh’s weight-loss group succumbs to an untimely death, the twelve-step groups in attendance at her memorial service have plenty of explanations for the cause. But amateur sleuth E.J. has her own questions: why was Kerry Killian, an old friend and the realtor selling Berta Harris’s house, murdered the day after E.J. questioned her? How is this linked to the mysterious death of Berta? And why would anyone in the group want to put on weight? As she immerses herself in these big questions, E.J.’s marriage grows increasingly strained. Can she solve the mystery surrounding the deaths of Berta and Kerry and save her own marriage?


Faithful Unto Death – Stephanie Jaye Evans

Everything looks perfect in Sugar Land, Texas, but it’s not. No one knows that better than Walker “Bear” Wells, a former college football player now serving as a minister in this upscale Texas town, where famous athletes mix with ranchers and the local parish priest wants to arm wrestle. Bear deals daily with emotional and spiritual problems, in both his flock and his own family. But never murder. Not until a man is found dead on the nearby golf course, his skull crushed. Bear has no interest in playing detective. But every time he turns around, another facet of the investigation tangles with his own life.... Like the fact that the murdered man’s son — and a main suspect — is currently dating his own rebellious teenage daughter.


The Air We Breathe – Christa Parrish

Seventeen-year-old Molly Fisk does not go outside. For so long she has run away from a moment long in the past, but she’s not running anymore. She’s hiding. Ruled by anxiety, she can only stare out the window of the tiny tourist-town museum she and her mother call home, longing to go outside. Then the chance arrival of a woman Molly knew years ago changes everything. Back then, Claire Rodriguez was an empty shell. Only in the unique friendship she struck up with a little girl — a silent girl who would only talk to Claire — did she see the possibility of healing. But one day the girl and her mother vanished, their house left abandoned. How can Claire now offer Molly the same chance at finding life anew?


Private London – James Patterson & Mark Pearson

For Hannah Shapiro, a beautiful young American student, the nightmare began years ago in Los Angeles, when the owner of Private — the world’s most exclusive detective agency — saved her from a horrific death. But now, after eight years, the terror follows her to London. The only man who can help her is former Royal Military Police Sergeant Dan Carter, head of Private London. In central London, young women are being abducted off the street and their bodies later found mutilated in a mysterious way. Dan Carter’s ex-wife, DI Kirsty Webb, leads the investigation into these brutal murders, which may somehow be linked to Hannah Shapiro.



Because I Said So! – Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings wants to find out if mother and father always know best. Yes, all those years you were told not to sit too close to the television (you’ll hurt your eyes!) or swallow your gum (it stays in your stomach for seven years!) or crack your knuckles (arthritis!) are called into question by our country’s leading trivia guru. Armed with medical case histories, scientific findings and even the occasional experiment on himself (or his kids), Jennings exposes countless examples of parental wisdom run amok.


Spillover – David Quammen

The next big and murderous human pandemic, the one that kills us in millions, will be caused by a new disease—new to human, anyway. The bug that’s responsible will be strange, unfamiliar, but it won’t come from outer space. Odds are that the killer pathogen—most likely a virus—will spill over into humans from a nonhuman animal. From what innocent creature, in what remote landscape, will the Next Big One emerge?

In this age of speedy travel between dense human populations, an emerging disease can go global in hours. But where will it start? Recent outbreaks offer some guidance, and so Quammen traces the origins of Ebola, Marburg, SARS, avian influenza, Lyme disease, and other bizarre cases of spillover including the grim, unexpected story of how AIDS began from a single Cameroonian chimpanzee.


Capturing Camelot: Stanley Tretick’s iconic images of the Kennedys – Kitty Kelley

Stanley Tretick, a consummate photojournalist, was sent by United Press International to follow the Kennedy campaign of 1960. The photographer soon befriended the candidate and took many of JFK’s best pictures during this time. When Kennedy took office, Tretick was given extensive access to the White House, and the picture magazine Look hired him to cover the President and his family. Tretick is best known today for the photographs he took of President Kennedy relaxing with his children. His photographs helped define the American family of the early sixties and lent Kennedy an endearing image that greatly contributed to his popularity.



The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye – Jane Yolen

The Birds of Bethlehem – Tomi dePaola

In memory of: Martha Flanagan

Given by: Carl, Chris & Cory Trenkamp


Farmyard Beat – Lindsey Craig

Farmyard Rhymes – Clare Beaton

Clothesline Clues To Jobs People Do – Kathryn Heling & Deborah Hembrook

Seed By Seed – Esme Codell

Sports Zone: A spot-it challenge – Sarah Schutte

In memory of: George Berres

Given by: Dan & Rose Morris


Wildlife Of North America – Thomas A. Lewis

In memory of: Eugene Osting

Given by: Jane & Sue


Fun Stuff Cupcakes

Cooking Season By Season: 1,000 recipes to cook through the year

Library Lily – Gillian Shields

Oh No! – Candace Fleming

Charley’s First Night – Amy Hest

In memory of: Pauline Wrocklage

Given by: Family


Mossy – Jan Brett

In memory of: Pauline Wrocklage

Given by: Library Staff


Tutankhamen: The search for an Egyptian king – Joyce Tyldesley

Better Homes And Gardens Vegetable, Fruit & Herb Gardening

In memory of: John L. Lubrano

Given by: The Patton Family

Pat, Sherry, Tricia, Madison & Ryan


Dancing Feet! – Lindsey Craig

Bea At Ballet – Rachel Isadora

In memory of: Aubrey Lynn Klausing

Given by: Grandma & Grandpa Klausing


Showman shooter: The Life and Times of Herb Parsons

In memory of: Frank Grone

Given by: Ruth M. & Dr. John F. Grone


On The Road: Jimmie Johnson

In memory of: Mike Sanders

Given by: Pat, Sherry, Tricia, Madison & Ryan Patton


Olivia and the Fairy Princesses — Ian Falconer

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – Jane Cabrera

In memory of: Aubrey Lynn Klausing

Given by: Grandma & Grandpa Wilkin


From the children’s corner:

Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs By Simms Taback

These giant fold-out books have been very popular in the library.  Other Taback titles with the same format are ‘City Animals’ and ‘Farm Animals’. As you fold out the pages, the text gives you clues to the type of dinosaur. For instance, ‘I have a big beak ... and big wings.’ As the last fold is unfolded you see the whole picture  and in this case it is a pteranodon. This will appeal to the youngest dinosaur enthusiasts.


Clothesline Clues To Jobs People Do By Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook

Children love books with clues and questions that ask them to solve a mystery. Every two pages, a clothesline is pictures with the work clothes from a profession hanging on the line. There are clotheslines with a farmer’s overalls, a chef’s hat, and an artists smock. In the background, readers will notice the mail carrier deliver party invitations. What kind of party are they invited to? Read and find out!


Meet Caroline

Caroline’s Secret Mission

Surprise For Caroline

Caroline Takes A Chance

Caroline’s Battle

Changes For Caroline - all by Kathleen Ernst

American Girl has launched yet another series in its ultra popular historical novels for girls. This one is set during the War or 1812. Caroline lives in Sacket’s Harbor on the edge of Lake Ontario. Her family are shipbuilders and sailors. In “Meet Caroline” her father is taken prisoner by the British. This is just the beginning of these exciting books where history and story combine to make great reading.


Warp Speed by Lisa Yee

Marley Sandelski has always tried to stay invisible, especially around the bullies at school. Then Marley’s gym teacher discovers his running speed. After he wins a few races, it is harder and harder to melt into the lockers out of sight of bullies, like Digger Ronster. Yee does a good job of humanizing this young bully, as Marley learns Diggers brutal secret and ends up helping him. Yee is also author to ‘Millicent Min, Girl Genius’ and ‘Stadford Wong Flunks Big-Time’ stand alone titles about other students at the Ranch Rosetta Middle School.


Here Come The Girl Scouts! By Shana Corey

The subtitle of this glorious picture book is ‘The amazing All-true Story of Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low and Her Great Adventure.’ If you recognize the name you will know that this is the story of the founder of the Girl Scouts. Though she grew up in Savannah, Georgia, in the Victorian era, she was far from prim, dainty and proper. She preferred fishing, hiking and adventure. This is a great source for teaching Low’s story. It’s concise, well written and has fun, but realistic illustrations of how the world looked in her day.


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