August 20, 2014

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Thrift Shop joins cyberworld PDF Print E-mail
Monday, December 17, 2012 3:17 PM


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Makayla Binkley interacts with the program, Weebly, used to design the Thrift Shop website. Delphos Herald/Stephanie Groves


DELPHOS — The Interfaith Thrift Shop has now gone global.

When the Thrift Shop members reached out to Jefferson High School’s Computer Applications instructor Melissa McClurg for assistance with creating a website, McClurg asked for volunteers for the project. Makayla Binkley, a junior, took on the challenge and put her creative skills to the test. She was determined to design and promote the site as a way to reach out and help the community.

“The process — cataloging the thrift store’s website needs, taking photos of the actual store, and completing the design — took about two weeks,” Binkley detailed. “I developed the theme of what the Thrift Shop stands for.”

Binkley presented the website to Social Service Director Becky Strayer and Board President Carol Cunningham, along with other organization members. It was unanimous, the site was approved by each member of the group. In addition to designing the site, Binkley taught Strayer how to maintain the site; set up the domain, update the site with blog, sale, community outreach information and upload photos.

“I am very impressed,” Strayer exlained. “She [Makayla] has done a marvelous job.”

“It helps us reach out to everyone through the website,” Cunningham elatedly added.

Binkley and McClurg elaborated on the software the students use to create their own digital portfolios, as well as the site for the Thrift Shop.

“The free web design software is from a company called Weebly,” Binkley detailed the design process. “It’s a drop-and-drag website builder that allows you to create and place contact forms, links to satellite maps and email accounts on a site.”

“The digital portfolios provide students a way to showcase their achievements and creativity in school that they can share with friends, family and the community,” McClurg conveyed the pride she has in her students.



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