August 28, 2014

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Community can adopt Vancrest resident for Christmas PDF Print E-mail
Friday, December 07, 2012 3:50 PM

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DELPHOS — Vancrest Nursing Facility is holding its annual Christmas Party for residents at 2 p.m. on Dec. 21.
Activities Director Amber Merriman spoke about preparing for the annual event. All of the families are invited to bring in gifts for their loved ones. Some residents have no family members delivering gifts to them on that day. The staff makes sure that each resident has a Christmas gift and takes a special personal approach to giving those with no family ‘just the right’ present.

“We want each resident to receive a Christmas present. Our staff devotes extra time in getting to know a resident,” Merriman spoke with conviction. “We find something nostalgic that the resident loves and then purchase a gift for them relating to that special memory.”
Merriman is calling on the community for volunteers to “adopt” residents who don’t have any family. Individuals or businesses wishing to help can call 419-695-2871 for information and thoughtful gifting suggestions.

“Some residents do not have any family visiting and bringing gifts,” Merriman said.

It takes the laundry facility an entire 8-hour shift to label all the Christmas gifts, so if possible, Merriman suggests that family members and volunteers bring gifts of clothing and blankets in early to be labeled with the resident’s name.

“That way the residents won’t have to wait to have their gift returned from the laundry and they can enjoy them right away,” she said.
Some gift ideas for those in nursing homes include fresh flowers, a photo of the resident in their heyday or a plant they can tend and talk to.


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