September 2, 2014

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Finding the pathway to college — Juniors wrestle with studies, college selection anxiety PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, April 02, 2014 8:10 PM

The Delphos Herald has been following four high school students, now juniors, since October on their journey to college. This is the fourth installment of the series.



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DELPHOS — College-bound juniors Kelli Kramer and Reid Corzine from Jefferson High School and Liz Winhover and Austin Heiing from St. John’s High School are each busy with their own agendas when it comes to finishing out their school year.

Each of the students are maintaining good grades by working extra hard on coursework that has proven to be a little more challenging.

“I’m doing all right with my course work,” Winhover said. “I’m working extra hard at chemistry and trigonometry because those are the areas that I struggle in.”

“My course work at OSU branch campus is going great,” Corzine said excitedly. “I’m averaging a 90 percent and I am very happy with the class.”

He said he has been having a hard time in his high school classes but said it’s nothing he is not able to fix.

“My grades are very good, as of now,” Kramer explained. “The coursework is a touch on the challenging side but achievable.”

Kramer says she’s really enjoying all of her classes, especially AP Statistics and AP Literature. Math Analysis, or Pre-calculus, includes work that is a little more challenging compared to other classes.

“My grades have remained about the same throughout the year,” Heiing stated. “It has been a little bit harder to keep up on homework because of the amount of time I am putting into sports but I’m managing it.”

He said this semester he started taking Trigonometry and that has been his hardest class this year.

They are all involved in many extra-curricular activities and with spring soon to be in full bloom, their schedules are sure to get hectic.

“I’m in the school play, ‘Godspell’,” Winhover said. “I’m looking forward to the start of soccer, volunteering at St. Rita’s Medical Center, the play, 4-H and prom.”

“I am looking forward to marching band over the summer,” Kramer said. “I will be a senior this season and have full control of my section and have a say in the music we play.”

“Basketball season just ended, so I am starting to go to baseball now,” Heiing said. “The junior class has started planning our prom, which is coming up in May.”

He said this summer, he will have ACME baseball and then start high school football practices, which will begin late in July.

Both Corzine and Heiing have been working at local businesses to earn money and gain invaluable people skills and Kramer looks forward to those same rewards.

“I have been working at The Topp Chalet for almost two years now,” Corzine said. “They have been great to me in the past and work around my busy schedule.”

“I plan to pick up a job soon,” Kramer said. “I know the skills and values gained from work experience will benefit me and help me move towards a more independent future.”

“I currently work at Pat’s Donuts and Kreme, which helps me interact with people by providing customer service,” Heiing said.

As with any life decision, each of the juniors are feeling some anxiety with their tentative college or major selection.

“When thinking about college, I guess I’m the most worried about picking the right one to attend,” Winhover said.

She questions if it [the college] will also have different programs in case she changes her major or if it will have organizations she can network through, etc.

“My biggest fear is that I will not meet a requirement to get into my dream college because of the harder classes I am taking,” Corzine explained. “My GPA has fallen, but with enough hard work I’ll be able to raise it and I will be fine.”

“My biggest fear would certainly be the debt that comes from attending college,” Kramer detailed. “I have heard horror stories of the accumulating debt that comes with a degree, which have driven me to research any scholarship that I may qualify for.”

“My biggest fear at this point is that I’ll change my mind on the major that I want to pursue,” Heiing stated.

At this time, it is advantageous for juniors to compose a resumé of activities, honors, leadership positions and jobs to use for applications and scholarship forms.

“I am currently putting together a list of all my activities and the organizations I am in,” Winhover said.

“I do not have a complete resume and I do have a partial one I composed for National Honor Society,” Kramer said.

“I have not compiled a resume of anything, but it is a very good idea and I will think about making one shortly,” Corzine replied.

“I have began writing down all of the extracurricular activities, volunteer work, etc. so that I have it on hand as reference when I apply to colleges and for scholarships,” Heiing explained.

One thing on each of the students list of things to do is take the ACT test this April.


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