LIMA — Allen County will have a new sheriff soon.

Sitting Sheriff Sam Crish turned in his resignation Tuesday afternoon, according to Allen County Republican Party Chair Keith Cheney.

Crish’s resignation letter was brief.

“I, Samuel A. Crish, effective Jan. 31, 2017, do hereby resign my position as Sheriff of Allen County, Ohio,”

The task of appointing a new sheriff will be given to Juergen Waldick, chairman of the Republican Central Committee, which will publically release information on the application process for candidates. Until a new sheriff is appointed, Allen County Commissioners will choose an interim sheriff.

Allen County Commissioners learned earlier in January Crish’s two bonds required to hold his office, one for a furtherance of justice fund and one all elected officials are requied to have, would not be renewed and would expire Feb. 10.

In September, Sheriff Crish came under investigation by the FBI, a case which is still open with no charges filed, and has been named in civil suits pertaining to lack of repayment of loans. Crish has admitted he has a gambling problem and says he is seeking treatment.